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The good property company How to Sourcing Discounted Deals From Estate Agents Start Up

Want to create wealth through sourcing discounted property deals?

Earn lumps of cash instantly on purchase! 

Learn the processes and tricks to find deals in our current market!

Learn how to get the 2% of “wholesale” property? 

We have sourced over £15 million in property equity in less than 5 years (before refurb). Learn the methods and process so you can do the same! 


This Sourcing Discounted Deals From Estate Agents checklist is your first step to finding property?


The checklist will help you with the 4 easy steps to source from agents; 

  1. Find your area 
  2. Find your local agents 
  3. Call your agents, establish a relationship 
  4. Start a weekly process!

What will you learn from? 

  • Know the criteria for your chosen property location!
  • Create cash fast by sourcing from Estate Agents 
  • Learn the methods to find the 2% of “wholesale” property deal! 
  • Sourcing property will generate large lump sums of cash through Buy-to-Sell using discounted sourced deals.
  • Recycle your cash by buying discounted with the aim to recycle (all or most of) your cash through refinancing at market value. 
  • Build a profitable property portfolio so you never have to work another day in your life. Susannah only works because she enjoys it…crazy lady!
  • Create security for you, your family and leave a legacy by buying deals profitable
  • Build your net worth, get wealthy and remember, you make your money when you buy, and this course shows you how.
  • Gain from TGPC’s experience of sourcing over 200 deals in the first 5 years of doing property. 


Finding Discounted Deals is a number game.


A typical example; Bought a property for £203k in Bristol which was revalued after 6 months for £330k PLUS… makes over £1,000 per month net profit! Find out how you can do it!


What will you get? 

  • Get tips and advice on Sourcing in your chosen area. 
  • Remember we sourced £45 million pounds worth of property for a purchase price of £30 million (before refurb). 
  • Gain insight from Susannah Cole’s knowledge and experience – learn what to do and what not to do. 


Testimonial – “After seeing my two bmv flats vacant I just fell in love with them. 10 min walk to the town centre and a 15 min walk to the train station, close to shops, pub, and the shopping mall. These are definitely a keeper. Will get them rented in a month, remortgage in 3 months get my money out and do some more deals knowing that I am £1000/month profit closer to my goal of financial freedom. Flats Valued at 385k combined bought for 270k.” Kal Musa. 


Why this will help you? 

  • This Checklist will help nail down your property sourcing area 
  • This checklist will help you systemise your sourcing from Estate Agents 
  • This checklist will guide you to ask the right questions 


Having run a company sourcing, bought, sold or let out property at a purchase price of £30 million (before refurb) and a end value of £45 million in the first 5 years of running her business. 

The knowledge you gain will boost your ability to source profitable deals, which is the basis of wealth in property.


This checklist is designed to help you develop your skills, processes and understanding of sourcing from Estate Agents. 


“In my experience, there is more money out there chasing good deals, than deals in supply!” – Susannah Cole 


Download this Checklist today and systemise the process of sourcing from Estate Agents. 

Let’s start you exactly how we started, with simple checklist