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The good property company Deal Sourcing Made Easy!

Create wealth through sourcing discounted property deals or property deals with profit?


Earn lumps of cash instantly on purchase! 


Learn the processes and tricks to find deals in our current market! 


We have sourced over £15 million in property equity in less than 5 years (before refurb).

What do you get?

  1. Online Deal Sourcing Masterclass (£750)
  2. Online Deal Sourcing Workshop (£495)
  3. Deal Sourcing Packs (£48)
  4. Sample Fundraising Brochure & Leaflet (£29)
  5. Sample Loan Agreement (£29)
  6. Sample Joint Venture Agreement (£29)
  7. Sample Agency Agreement (£29)
  8. Sourcing offer system (£24)
  9. Direct to vender leaflet (£24)
  10. Property recorder (£24)

ONLY £499 inc VAT

Saving you £982!


For people wanting to professionalise, perfect and earn money when they buy!

Beginners – get the systems, processes and sample documents to get started. Find how you can find the 2% of wholesale deals! We welcome clients who have the drive to succeed, and you very likely have strong attributes in your life experience or professional background, that means that your transferrable skills will help you succeed in property.

Experts – People with significant portfolios, HMOs or single lets, folks with great planning knowledge. You’ll learn to perfect or refresh your existing strategy.


What is a Deal Sourcing Masterclass?

Taken from Susannah Cole’s mentoring Programme with 28 video, 28 Audio files and 10 handouts. Learn in the comfort of your own home, setting your own pace and enjoying it at a time that suits you (with a cuppa). This Online Deal Sourcing Masterclass will teach you the systems, processes and skills to help you source SERIOUSLY discounted property deals. The knowledge you gain will boost your ability to source profitable deals, which is the basis of wealth in property.

What is a Deal Sourcing Workshop? 

Taken from Susannah Cole’s workshop, hosted in Bristol. Get almost 4 hours of live video, deal Sourcing Systems and great deal sourcing articles to help you consume more knowledge.  This workshop will help cement your knowledge and great to get on your way!

Deal Sourcing Pack? 

This pack has been put together to help you develop your skills, processes and understanding of different routes to sourcing discounted deals. This pack helps you understand both the skills, the work needed and also the systems you may like to adopt, to source discounted deals.

Sample Fundraising Brochure & Leaflet?

These are the sample fundraising brochure & flyer that raised helped Susannah raise £600k.

If you are launching a fundraising campaign, you will need a professional brochure & flyer to stand out from the crowd.

Sample Loan Agreement?

Through her experience of running many successful Fundraising Campaigns, starting with raising £600k in 6 months and later moving on to raising £millions, Susannah has worked with her commercial solicitors to create a comprehensive legal agreement that spells out the terms and conditions of both parties, it cost her £££ thousands!

Sample Joint Venture Agreement?

Through experience of running a thriving Sourcing business and working with her commercial solicitors, Susannah has created a comprehensive sample legal Joint Venture agreement that spells out the terms and conditions of both parties.

This cost over £3,000 to develop, and we are very happy to be able to share it with you to help you on your very own property journey.

Sample Agency Agreement? 

Through experience of running a Sourcing business, Susannah has created a comprehensive legal agreement that spells out the terms and conditions of both parties.

Sourcing offer system?

Sourcing is a numbers game, so get the system to help you progress in property.

Direct to vender leaflet?

The leaflet we used to sourced SERIOUSLY discounted deals.

Property recorder?

A system to help you analyse properties and make educated evaluations rather than impulsive!

These are digital downloads in PDF, Word & Excel format and online videos. The course are unlimited any-time access.

In Susannah’s experience, there is more money out there chasing good deals, than deals in supply:

“If you have the deal, you have the cookie.”

"I've known Susie for a couple of years and I've found her to be an absolutely incredible person. She is the one who has mentored us on how to get in to property and how to make property work for you."

Prakash Patel

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