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What comes first, the deal or the Investor Relationship?

7th Dec 2016

What comes first, the deal or the Investor Relationship?


What should you focus on? It is a chicken and egg situation. My general advice would be to invest in your relationships with your potential and current property investors – stated plainly, you may not see an immediate return from the relationship, but it will develop over time.

We find that prior to working together, we typically have 6 to 9 ‘touch points’ with investors, which takes an average of 6 months, though some relationship will ‘pop’ earlier and some a little later. By touch points, we mean initial meeting, telephone calls, coffee meetings, deal discussion, follow up and then finally doing business together.

Over the long run, having a group of Investors that you want to work with and who want to work with you, will be the most fruitful focus, rather than focusing upon selling deals in a transactional way


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