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2019 One Day Workshops

Join Susannah Cole at her One day Workshops!

2019 is an exciting year for property investment with market changes, “Brexit” and so much more.

TGPC’s have designed workshops to help you understand both the skills, the work needed and also the systems you may like to adopt, to succeed in property. 

Create Wealth in Property – Your opportunity to find out how with “tried and tested” strategies. 

“Had an excellent workshop with Susannah, very clear presentation, good course content. Recommend it to anyone wanting to perfect their flipping strategy.” – Chris Philips

2019 Workshop Dates;

Saturday 1st June – Source Seriously Discounted Property Deals 

Saturday 14th September – Raising Private Finance 

Saturday 19th October – Buy to Sell to makes lumps of cash

Saturday 9rd November – Property Deal Packaging 

Click on the workshop dates to find out more information on the workshops..

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Who are the workshop designed for? 

  • Short answer: everyone.
  • Long answer: both beginner and experienced property people will benefit from this:
  • For the beginners, this provides a step-by-step, curriculum with support you need to start a profitable property portfolio, through sourcing discounted deals – the basis of property wealth
  • For the experienced, this is a fantastic way to develop and deepen your knowledge, be accountable, and regain motivation & drive to expand your portfolio.

What are the benefits? 

  • Learn how your too could make sums of serious cash in property.
  • TGPC have had great success in Buy to Sell projects and have enjoyed every minute of making these houses beautiful, with the financial rewards that come from selling on a high ticket value item.
  • Learn how to raise money to develop your own property portfolio…
  • Susannah raised over £600,000 in under 6 months, when she was just starting out in property.
  • Raising the funds needed was a critical part of her success.

Why you should attend? 

  • Network with like-minded property professionals!
  • A property curriculum that works – “tried and tested”.
  • Personal support, knowledge, encouragement & accountability from Susannah.
  • Learn the exact systems Susannah used to set up in business. Allowing her to make Hundreds of Thousands of £££’s!
  • Only £395 – Saving you £100! Limited places  Now only available in the first 36 hours of our promotional launch
  • The Successful Curriculum that shares our knowledge of sourcing over 200 deals in 5 years, at a purchase price of £30 million and an end value of £45 million, all from a kitchen table start up.
  • A highly respected curriculum that works with you, not against you: audio, visual and written – created to hit every learning style so you get the best property education possible.

How to book? 

  •  Book a workshop of your choice directly from eventbrite! – CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK 
  • Alternatively you can call the office on 0117 942 8914  and we can get you booked on!


"Went to a 1 day workshop - by far one of the most value packed training day's I've been on without the usual Sellathon. Would attend another without hesitation."

Keith San

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