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Flagship Mentoring Programme

Property changed Susannah’s life

From starting at the kitchen table, she was able to achieve financial freedom and a multi million pound portfolio in a short time period.

You can do it

Your goal may be family security

You might want to leave the J.O.B. (just over broke) and no longer have your income effectively tied to your hourly rate

It might be the focus on pensions (or the lack of) that has made you consider property

Or you might be guided by a clear desire to run your own life, be master of your destiny and not be trapped within a J.O.B. that feels confining, or unhappy

These were all Susannah’s goals

and through working in property, with grit, determination and some sleepless nights (nobody said it would be easy, but it is fairly simple) she achieved all those goals and more.


A multi million portfolio, and a great team who run it: Susie works on average 2 hours a week on her properties.

A high cash generating Buy to Sell strategy, to make serious chunks of cash.

Serviced apartments, shared houses, blocks of flats, single lets, planning gain, title splits and house building.

Over 200 deals sourced in 5 years.

All there, with raising £millions of private finance and tons of experience (the good and the frustrating) of Joint Ventures.

Tons of property speedbumps, which we openly share with you as well as the strategies for success, so you can go faster, easier and with fewer costly mistakes.

You can do it

But you don’t need to do the full range of Susie’s activities, just pick a clear strategy (with Susannah’s help you write your business plan, we have templates for you) and get started.

Here is how: You bring your grit, determination and personal goals. What you want property to achieve for you.

Susannah will bring her experience, knowledge and TGPC systems, and give you a year of support and accountability to help support the delivery of your property objectives, working alongside like-minded property investors.

Year Long Support & Accountability for You

We meet monthly for a full weekend (ex August and Dec) and Susannah has weekly conference calls, for regular accountability, support and direction. And celebration of your success as you achieve!

You can do it

Your Business in a Box: we give you all the ready made systems we used at TGPC to get started. Deal Sourcing Systems, Investor Management System as well as sample Private Finance Legal agreements, CDM compliance processes for development and all Lettings processes we used.

The professional paperwork cost Susie over £8k to have developed for her. We give you it all for free, as part of the Mentoring Programme.

In your Business in a Box, you will find templates for Business Plans to set your strategy. You also get templates for Fundraising Plans, as well as Cash Flow planning (cash flow is king).

Why do we give you all this stuff for free?

Simple.We want you to succeed.

Property gave Susannah financial freedom. Property gave her family the security she needed for her children. Plus a wacking great pension! And she will never need to work a J.O.B. again in her life, being shackled to work that is not set by her. Now she only works 2 hours a week on her properties.

We want you to succeed

By kickstarting the back end operational systems side of your business, you can be free to focus on the activities that bring fast results.

No need to reinvent processes, when we can give them to you for you to use in your own business. We give you the best chance at success, fast.

Who is Property Entrepreneur 7 for?

Folks who want to make a real change to their lives through investing in property.

Early Stage Folks

Around 20% of our Property Entrepreneur 7 folks are at the early stages of their property journey. We welcome you because you have the drive to succeed, and you very likely have strong attributes in your life experience or professional background, that means that your transferrable skills will help you succeed in property.

For you taking part in Property Entrepreneur 7 will mean a fast learning curve, as you will be alongside some very experienced property people, which will be superb for your development. It will also show you that this stuff can be achieved – just look around, the room is full of people doing property deals, and because of the quality of the knowledge in the room, you will get deep learning as people share their experiences with you.

No need to feel any kind of ‘status worry’, our Property Entrepreneur 5 group is a really warm and welcoming group; the only competition among more experienced is how many mistakes have we all made, which means you will learn a terrific amount, giving you the best chance of success for yourself. A real opportunity to be in a group of real property people, which will accelerate your knowledge and success rate hugely.

Experienced Property Entrepreneurs

The majority of the property folks on Property Entrepreneur 5 are experienced in their field. People with significant portfolios, HMOs or single lets, folks with great planning knowledge, knowledgeable auction traders doing decent numbers, folks running highly profitable Buy to Sell strategies, we currently have an amazing deal making mortgage broker who is also an investor. You get the picture.

This means that for an experienced Property Entrepreneur, wanting to take it to the next level, you have found the right Programme. These folks are your peers, and in spending time with them, your skills, knowledge and direction will be raised. It is what makes it fun for Susie, to have the high level knowledge in the room!

Joint Venture & Deal Funding

Many of the folks who take part have significant funding, and there have been many a Joint Venture or deal agreed in the group, to the benefit of all involved.

We are also beyond proud to say we have our first engagement; two of our mentees recently celebrated. We don’t promise love, but how wonderful to see two people matched for each other find each other, through meeting on the group. Susannah is already planning the hat and wants naming rights!

Property Entrepreneur 7: The Programme

By taking your place on the Mentoring Programme, you get access to working with Susannah for a full year, to support the delivery of your property objectives, working alongside like-minded property investors.

We will meet once a month* and Susannah will teach and support you throughout the year, in your property investment business.

The mentoring programme is designed to support you to develop and work towards your objectives in property investing, working with an experienced property investor on all aspects of property investment. This is done with a flexible and entrepreneurial approach and attitude

Property Entrepreneur 5: What our folks say…



Property Entrepreneur 7 Curriculum

The Mentoring Programme is focused upon clear wealth generating strategies within property. These include;

  • Business Planning and Goal Setting
  • Joint Venture Overview and Structures
  • Sourcing Discounted Deals from Estate Agents
  • Raising Private Finance
  • Joint Ventures – Creating Proposals and Pitching
  • Buy to Sell Successfully – Make Serious Money Selling Property
  • Effective Letting
  • Property Development & Planning Gain
  • Sourcing Deals Off Market and Direct to Vendor
  • Buying and Selling Deals at Auction
  • Ongoing online reporting by you is on a fortnightly basis.

Ongoing ‘surgery’ telephone calls ensure that progress is monitored and the ups and downs of property investment discussed and actioned. The focus of the calls is to provide review, direction and support to ensure the delivery of your strategy is on track, with adjustments made for opportunities that add to the overall strategy.

Meet up once per month*, with a focus on the key areas of property investing and financing, alongside focus on your personal progress, to get you to where you want to be.

*excluding holiday months August and December

Your Next Step; Join Property Entrepreneur 7


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"I wouldn't be in the position I am without the Mentoring Programme...I have currently raised a Private Finance Pot of £2 million, and on the time working with Susannah, I have raised over £3 million in total. Highly recommended!"

Jonathan Guppy

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