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Buy-to-Sell Property

Workshop London

How to Buy to Sell Property and Make Serious Cash: London Workshop

Buy to Sell in Property is a great strategy for producing lump sums of cash.

Location London

Saturday 9th December 2017

In this buzzing market, learning how to Buy and Sell Property successfully is a key property strategy in your goal to generate serious cash in property.

Join Susannah Cole on this workshop to learn the key steps in running a successful Buy to Sell Strategy. You will learn how to analyse the market place, your customers, the key elements of marketing your property to ensure you achieve the highest price possible, the fastest turn around with the most secure sale you can aim for.

You learn the key stages of Buy to Sell, from deal sourcing, building your critical team to deliver your successful Buy to Sell strategy, developing a property product your customers want to buy, ensuring your sales do not ‘fall out of bed’, marketing the property correctly, and analysing the project finance, identifying key methods of funding the property and how to financially always have a Plan B. (aka seatbelt!)

“I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing workshop, the quality and delivery of the content was exceptional. Having been on many courses with other property education companies they would have dragged the same content our for 3 days and changed £2000 for!’ – Carl Collins

Susannah is highly respected, and known for her knowledge of Buy to Sell Property Strategy and delivery, this is a must attend workshop.

"The Workshop was fantastic! Thank you so much for your time & input into each of our lives."

Alison Carson

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