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Jethro East, Mentoring

The mentoring year was really helpful; it sped up my development and progress enormously.

During the year I did two buy to Sell Projects – one vanilla and one with a loft conversion and I made £140k on the first two projects that year.

I gave me the confidence to move much faster and grow much more quickly.

Every time I hit a problem or speed bump, I found out it was normal and to be expected rather than anything I had done wrong.

It was important to me that I was doing and learning at the same time.

That is why I go so much out of it, learning about the financing, having reassurance about the different ways and models.

From there I have decided my route, using the structure of TGPC’s model, doing buy to sell, having a great end product that was really attractive visually, just like Susannah’s work.

The first time I ever heard SC it clicked with me and made sense, and it still does.

This is still 100% the basis of my busines