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The good property company Sample Investor Welcome Pack

If you are working with investors on Joint Ventures or sourced deals, you will likely need a marketing brochure to allow your investors to know who you are, how you work & what their responsibilities are in working with you.

Handshakes only take you so far…

This sample Investor Welcome Pack is here to help your investors understand and complete the simple processes necessary to make investing in your deals easy. By doing so, it means that when the right deal comes along, they can concentrate on evaluations and securing the deal, comfortable in the knowledge that all the necessary paperwork has already been completed by you and they have understood the timescales. Given speed in an important factor in securing property opportunities this is of real importance.

This pack for illustrative purposes only.

I’m sure you will want to use it to replicate TGPC’s success in working with investors.

I wish you every success in your property business.


This is a digital download in Word format & is included in the Fundraising Pack; Deal Sourcing Pack & Buy-to-Sell Pack.

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