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The good property company Serviced Accommodation for High Income Bundle

Serviced Accommodation for High Income Bundle

£££ Triple the rent of a normal single let! 

Earn a minimum of £1k+ net profit per month! 

Earn ££££ Thousands per month with Serviced Accommodation

Serviced Accommodation Masterclass for Great Cashflow!

Serviced Accommodation is great for high income and great cashflow!

We teach the key aspects of Serviced Accommodation to ensure you don’t miss a trick and maximise your revenue!

We cover all aspects of running a serviced accommodation. We teach you the processes involved, client management and making a stressful demanding industry systemised and logical. Triple your income and learn how to outsource to allow others to deliver the work for you! 

Who is this for?

  • Folks who want to raise their game
  • Folks looking for high revenue from property
  • Folks wanting to know the reality within this high earning strategy
  • Folks looking to build a property portfolio, using high income from Serviced Accommodation to do so
  • Folks looking to outsource the work and retain the income!

What does the Serviced Masterclass cover?

  • how to optimize bookings and cash flow
  • How to triple your income with 1 hour a day through outsourcing and management
  • Ensure you are legally compliant
  • Create good design for high occupancy rates
  •  know your markets for the best customers
  • create systemisation so you won’t get swamped with marketing and admin
  • Secure the right property in the right location
  • Understanding the markets: Holiday Makers Vs Contractors
  • Channel Managers
  • Outsourcing the work to providers, whilst you sleep!
  • Setting up systems and processes
  • How to dress your property

What do you get this latest Bundle;

  1. Serviced Accommodation Masterclass RRP £750 
  2. Finding Discounted Property Deals Masterclass RRP £750
  3. Serviced Accommodation Pack RRP £48 
  4. Serviced Accommodation Templates Bundle RRP £49


  1. Serviced Accommodation Furnishing Checklist 
  2. Serviced Accommodation Communication Check List  


Saving you – £1402!


Serviced Accommodation Masterclass RRP £750 

Serviced Accommodation Online Masterclass, taken from Susannah Cole’s mentoring programme. Created to  teach you the processes involved, client management and making a stressful demanding industry systemised and logical. Susannah covers how to Triple your income and learn how to outsource to allow others to deliver the work for you! 

Finding discounted Property Deal Masterclass RRP £750

Essential Online Masterclass to help you find discounted property deals – you this find your ideal Serviced Accommodation Property!

Serviced Accommodation Pack RRP £48

Everything contained in this pack has been designed to help you run a successful Serviced Accommodation business that yields a high income. This truly is a property strategy that works, and we will show you how.

Serviced Accommodation Templates Bundle RRP £49

We have put together this great templates bundle which includes, legal legislation you need to consider when running a serviced accommodation business, also get all our operational templates to save you time in setting up this business!


Serviced Accommodation Furnishing Checklists 

Running a successful Serviced Accommodation Strategy means you need to make the property look as lovely as possible, and have all the amenities a guest could possibly want, to have a five star experience.

You are making a home from home, in a competitive market and you want to get it right!

This simple checklist of furniture we use for styling up and supplying our Serviced Accommodation properties.

Serviced Accommodation Communication Checklist 

Your job is to both provide a wonderful experience and then encourage those who benefited from your work, to praise you on all the Online Travel Agents (like Airbnb and, giving great reviews so that others can be encouraged to book your property. This Checklist has the exact communications we send to our clients to ensure we get 5 Star Reviews!


RRP £1597 – YOURS FOR ONLY £195!

SAVE YOU £1402!

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