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The good property company Sample Fundraising Brochure & Flyer


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Susannah was able to jump out of her J.O.B. by raising £600k in 6 months, giving her the ability to buy her first £1.8million of property…

These are the sample fundraising brochure & flyer that raised that £600k.

If you are launching a fundraising campaign, you will need a professional brochure & flyer to stand out from the crowd.

Your Next Step: Download this brochure, and use it as a basis for your own fundraising brochure & flyer (glad to help you guys).

Good luck in your Fundraising!

Please note, we cannot give legal advice and will always recommend taking legal advice.

This sample is for educational purposes only.

This is a digital download in Word format and is included in the Fundraising Pack.

"Susannah is a very inspirational lady, full of energy, full of giving and with amazing insights and experiences. "

Spiros Lappas

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