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The good property company Raising Private Finance Masterclass

We are celebrating the TOTAL SELL OUT of our March Deal Sourcing Workshop in London, months in advance.

We have also SOLD almost half our full 2017 workshop tickets – that is amazing for a business like TGPC, thank you. We wanted to give back and say THANK YOU to you guys who plan ahead and have booked us up!

We gave you guys the choice on social media as to which online course you wanted us to FLASH SALE.

Your options were this Online Raising Private Finance Workshop (SAVE £480, FLASH SALE PRICE £100 plus VAT, Usually £500 plus VAT)


Online Deal Sourcing workshop (SAVE £294 FLASH SALE PRICE £50 plus VAT, Usually £295 plus VAT).

Only available for a VERY SHORT TIME save £480 at this FLASH SALE. Download the Raising Private Finance Online Course now. Only £100 plus VAT! FLASH SALE!

Susannah raised over £600,000 in under 6 months, when she was just starting out in property.

The funds she raised allowed her to jump out of her J.O.B. in less than 18 months, and continue to develop her property portfolio to a very significant asset base and rent roll.

Raising the funds needed was a critical part of her success.

Do you want to learn how to raise money to develop your own property portfolio?

Need to raise the vital funds to progress in your property journey?

Go from 2 deals to 20 – learn how to get the funds to do it.

Susannah has put together this Raising Private Finance Masterclass, taken from her high quality mentoring group. Benefit from the investor management tools she used, the screening questions, her experience and statistical results she measured, as well as information on the types of Investors to avoid, to make a success of Raising Private Finance.

We focus on the subjects that are key to ensure you develop the skills, techniques and tools, which will allow you to successfully raise private funds.

S.M.A.R.T Fundraising Objectives 

Investor Types & Screening

Proving Credibility


Investor Process 

Deal Presentation 

Communication & Systems 

Investors to Avoid 

Joint Venture Paperwork

13/3 TGPC Process 

Investor Profiles and those that you MUST veto 

Three Key Deal metrics 

Elevator Pitching 

Presenting the worst case scenario

The course has 33 Videos, 33 Audios and 9 Content Rich Handouts! Get the Systems, the Sample JV Agreements (which cost Susie thousands), Fundraising exercises, Investor Scoring System, all written by Susannah, for you, as a basis for your own work.

Who is this for?

Beginners; who find they need to raise funds, as Susannah did. Susannah had only bought 2 discounted property deals before she raised £600k from Private Investors, which allowed her to jump out of her J.O.B. This online workshop with 33 videos, 33 audios and great handouts will guide to as to how she achieved it, and how you might like to adopt her systems to achieve your own fundraising targets.

Experienced Investors; At some stage, we all run out of money. To grow your property business, you need to bring in 3 resources; Time, Money and Skills. This fantastically in-depth online course shows you how to raise the funds you might need, to continue your growth.

"Susannah is ace. I was massively against education but I really rate Susannah. It’s very easy to get lost in property but Susannah manages to do it in a way that makes sense. Before I was just winging it but now everything is much more planned."

Ryan Carruthers

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