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The good property company Property with none of your own money Bundle

Have you got no Money but want to Invest in Property?

Have you got the Cash Making Property Deal but no Funds?

‘Buy Property with none of your own Money’ Bundle is out now!

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Fancy getting two of our online masterclasses? You will get them from Susannah’s mentoring programme PLUS our online workshop to help raise the vital funds needed to buy property.

On top of that, you can get ALL the systems, packs and educational content to help you raise the funds to propel your property business!

Susannah raised £600k in 6 months, you can too!!

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Raising Private Finance Masterclass (£750)  our online Masterclass taken from Susannah Cole’s mentoring programme. You get 33 Videos, 33 Audio files and 10 handouts to ensure you get the most from this Online Masterclass! The content was filmed over 2 days, top quality videos and essential to start sourcing property deals!

Joint Venture Structures and Overview Masterclass (£750) – The start of understanding of to structure a joint venture, with 10 Videos, 10 Audio files and loads of handouts. The course covers the following topics;

  • Joint Ventures Process: 1-7 Stages
  • JV Structure – How to structure your deals
  • Investor Management
  • JV Pitching – Learn how to attached the right investor!
  • PS 13/3 – be complaint and protect yourself and the investor.
  • Business Planning Tasks – The course will help you create a fundraising strategy!

Raising Private Finance Online Workshop (£495) – To cement your learning and ensure you really understand how to Raise Finance and buy property with NONE of your own money!

Fundraising pack (£48)  Get the different strategies, processes and systems to help you raise £££ Millions

Sample Fundraising Brochure (£29) – used by Susannah to create credibility and how she’s raised £££ millions with private finance.

Sample Loan Agreement (£29) – 
Legal documents which cost Susannah thousands.

Sample Joint Venture Agreement (£29) – Comprehensive sample legal Joint Venture agreement that spells out the terms and conditions of both parties. Used by Susannah on many of her projects.

Sample Cash Flow system (£29) –
Cash flow spreadsheet to help you plan out your spending and identify your cash shortfalls

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