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The good property company Property Business Starter Pack Bundle

Property Business Starter Pack Bundle

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What to do you get in this insane Starter Pack Bundle? 

Buy to Sell Pack (£48)

Deal Sourcing Pack (£48)

Raising Private Finance Pack (£48)

Business Planning Pack (£48)

Lettings Pack (£48)

Serviced Accommodation Pack (£48)

101 Lessons Pack

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Below you will find out what you get in each product and how it will help you Start or professionalise a property business!

What do you get in the Buy to Sell Pack (RRP £48)… 

A fab pack, that is essential if you want to deliver successful Buy to Sell Property Projects. n it we cover the Buy to Sell Strategy Formation, using analytical tools to consider the market place you are operating in, the development of your marketing strategy for Buy to Sell and your customer segmentation – all key stages in deciding which property projects will bring you the most success.

What do you get in the Deal Sourcing Pack (RRP £48)…

This pack has been put together to help you develop your skills, processes and understanding of different routes to sourcing discounted deals. This pack helps you understand both the skills, the work needed and also the systems you may like to adopt, to source discounted deals.

What do you get in the Fundraising Pack (RRP £48)…

Get started today by downloading the paperwork and processes that Susannah used in her early days with great success. This pack includes the original  legal documents that cost Susannah £thousands and gives you a great insight into how to raise Private Finance.

What do you get in the Business Planning Pack (RRP £48)…

The Business Planning Pack is divided into three sections: Plan, Do & Review. Each section has key tools to help you deliver that section of your business plan.

In Plan, we have the initial analytical tools to help set a path.

In Do, we look at the Business Plan itself, how to measure the delivery, how to ensure an efficient delivery.

Finally, in Review, we look at how to measure both activity and income achieved against the planA great

Property Pack to help you succeed in your Property Business.

What do you get in the Lettings Pack (RRP £48)…

This pack has been put together to help you understand the simple processes we put in place to let out Susannah’s properties efficiently and successfully. Full of practical knowledge and clear systems, this is the pack she would have wanted when starting out.

What’s included in the Serviced Accommodation Pack (RRP £48)… 

***BRAND NEW*** – Everything contained in this pack has been designed to help you run a successful Serviced Accommodation business that yields a high income. This truly is a property strategy that works, and we will show you how.

ONLY £199!

"I came across Susannah's YouTube Channel and was very impressed. I was sceptical about the online training, having found there are a lot of property entrepreneurs out there charging extortionate prices for very little. However, I found the modules I bought comprehensive with simple and clear instructions and formulas based on a wealth of knowledge. Be aware, they do require hard work and graft to see a return, they are not the 'get rich quick schemes' peddled by other trainers. If you're prepared to put in the effort, I think you'll benefit from Susanna's knowledge and her library of resources. Recommend!"

Ollie Wiggins


  • Property Investment Strategy: Flagship Education



  • Property Joint Ventures: Flagship Education


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  • Financial Freedom: People, Property & Tech Hacks Flagship Education



  • Deal Sourcing Property Masterclass



  • Property Auctions: Insider Knowledge Flagship Education



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