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The good property company Property Entrepreneur Online: Mentoring Deposit

Your goal may be family security!

You might want to leave the J.O.B. (just over broke) and no longer have your income effectively tied to your hourly rate

It might be the focus on pensions (or the lack of) that has made you consider property

Or you might be guided by a clear desire to run your own life, be master of your destiny and not be trapped within a J.O.B. that feels confining, or unhappy

Property Entrepreneur Online will help you. We want you to succeed and work with you for a full year. Make it happen!

Welcome to Property Entrepreneur Online!

How payment works:

A full year of Property Mentoring ONLINE ONLY £7,500

Reserve your spot with a deposit of £500 and then 10 instalments of £700, it has never been easier on your cashflow to be a part of Property Entrepreneur Online!

By taking your place on Property Entrepreneur Online, you get access to working with Susannah Cole for a full year, to support the deliver of your property objectives.

You will receive our Online Mentoring Curriculum and Susannah Cole will teach and support you throughout the year.

The Property Entrepreneur Online Programme is designed to support you to develop and work towards your goals in property investing, working with an experienced property investor on the key wealth creation aspect of property.

“Susannah is ace, I was massively against education but I really rate Susannah. It’s very easy to get lost in property but Susannah manages to do it in a way that makes sense. Before I was winging it, but now everything is much more planned. This new Programme is ace” – Ryan Carruthers

What do you get?

1) 12 Monthly modules of successful curriculum that works…

Programme is designed to support you to develop and work towards your goals in property investing.

Monthly high quality online curriculum – presentation slides, written curriculum subject packs, downloadable audio and live Mentoring films, so you can learn in the way that suits you best – all through Susannah’s respected teaching. The first month alone has 20+ business tools and systems, including live Mentoring videos, live Mentoring audio, Property Systems Spreadsheets and Handouts with clear tasks for you to do to move you forward!

Property Entrepreneur Online is focused on the clear wealth generating strategies within property. These include

  • Business Planning and Goal Setting
  • Joint Venture Overview and Structures
  • Sourcing Discounted Deals from Estate Agents
  • Finding Private Investors
  • Joint Ventures – Creating Proposals and Pitching
  • Buy to Sell Successfully – Make Serious Money Selling Property
  • Effective Letting
  • Joint Ventures – Pitching and Paperwork
  • Sourcing Deals Off Market and Direct to Vendor
  • Buying and Selling Deals at Auction

2) Accountability – Mentoring Conference Calls

Weekly live conference calls with Susannah to ensure you have her on your side, discussing the ups, downs, deals and misses in property, so you have direct access to Susannah’s knowledge through live conference calls with her.

Personal support, knowledge, encouragement & accountability from Susannah – This LAST chance to get this level of support! 

Ongoing ‘surgery’ conference calls with Susannah herself is to ensure that your progress is monitored and that the ups and downs of property investment is discussed and actioned. The focus of the calls is to provide review, direction and support to ensure the delivery of your strategy is on track, with key questions relevant to your current strategy being the focus of the calls.

3) “Business-in-a-box”

10 Years worth of business processes and system already set up and ready for you to use.

This essential business tool is for anyone working on developing their business!

Use our systems on Deal Sourcing, Fundraising, Organising a refurb PLUS all our legal documents that cost £££thousands!

We share the systems we used to start in property, so that you have a ready made Business in a Box for you to kick off with, all online systems waiting for you.

We also have all the legal agreements Susannah used (which cost her thousands), waiting for you as samples for a basis of your own business.

4) Over 100+ Mentoring Podcasts – Worth a whopping £27,o00

Learn from others – These podcasts are packed full of great content, knowledge and useful bites of information!

5) Bonus Bundle worth £337!

Get additional educational packs for you to work through;

  • Buy 2 Sell Pack (RRP £48)
  • Fundraising Pack (RRP £48)
  • Business Pack (RRP £48)
  • Deal Sourcing Pack (RRP £48)
  • Sample Sourcing agency (RRP £29)
  • Same Investor Welcome Pack (RRP £29)
  • Sample Loan Agreement (RRP £29)
  • Sample Fundraising Brochure (RRP£29)
  • Sample Joint Venture agreement (RRP£29)

Looking forward to you joining Property Entrepreneur Online,

ONLY £7,500

Property Entrepreneur Online Programme.

With the ability to reserve your spot with a deposit of £500 and then instalments of £700 over 10 months, it has never been easier on your cashflow to be a part of Property Entrepreneur Online!

Get cracking to change your life with Property!

If Susannah did it, you can do it too!

"Working with Susannah has enabled me to focus my transferable business skills to raise £450k of investor finance in the first six weeks of being on the Mentoring Programme."

Jason Vokes

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