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The good property company Successful Lettings Pack

You’ve been asking Susannah for this Pack for over 2 years!!!

Do you want to know how to manage your portfolio & Tenants?

What to learn how to self-manage your property?

Help ensure 0% void rate?

Our systems and process will help you!

Susannah has put together this 138 page essential guide to ensure;

  • Successful Lettings
  • Wealth Generation
  • Financial Freedom

Letting property successfully is the key to Financial Freedom in property.

Your rent roll is your recurring income, so it’s essential to get it right.

Susannah has reached ‘Financial Freedom’, and she’s glad to share with you the practical systems and templates that we use to allow her sizeable multi-million pound portfolio to continue flourishing.

Adopting these tried and tested processes will make life easier for you and help you obtain the same results.

This pack has been put together to help you understand the simple processes we put in place to let out Susannah’s properties efficiently and successfully. Full of practical knowledge and clear systems, this is the pack she would have wanted when starting out.

It is full of down-to-earth, practical information that will demystify owning property and managing tenants.

We hope it serves you well. We leave the legal advice to the professionals, such as the National Landlords Association (We are a huge fan), and focus on practical, useful systems and procedures to benefit you as you grow your portfolio.

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"I have known Susannah for a few years now and have always been impressed with her positivity and energy. Just by being in her presence makes me want to conquer the world and feel like I can do it as well. She spoke at my property meeting and I got amazing feedback about her speech on the night and even through to the next month. I highly recommend Susannah for turning your event into a great one."

Stuart Ross


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