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The good property company Joint Ventures Masterclass: Pitching and Paperwork

Joint Ventures Masterclass: Pitching and Paperwork

Struggling to find your investors?

Want to learn how to perfect your pitch?

This Online Masterclass will help you and is the follow on from the Joint Venture Masterclass: Overview and Structures!

What do you get in the Joint Venture Pitching & Paperwork Masterclass? 

We focus on the subjects that are key to ensure you develop the skills, techniques and tools, which will allow you to successfully Joint Venture. We cover the following topics; 

  • Joint Ventures Real Case Studies
  • JV Pitching
  • Fundraising Plan
  • Joint Venture Paperwork & Compliance

Why Online?

  • Unlimited any-time access
  • Can’t get Monday off? No problem, you choose when you learn..
  • You just want to get stuck into Joint Ventures and learn everything needed to be successful.
  • You don’t need to wait for our workshop dates! Just Sign in and you’ll find everything in your download folder!

Take the next step to work on your pitch and work out your fundraising plan! 

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