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The good property company How to Work out a Buy and Sell Project Cost

Do you want lumps of ££cash££!

Maximise your profit? 

Struggling to work out the amount of profit you’ll make from a property project? 

Need help understand all the costs of running a buy-to-sell strategy? 


This checklist will ensure you have a 20% minimum profit margin on all your projects, both so you make money but also so you have a safety margin for any speed bumps you may hit in property.

This means that if you are selling a Buy to Sell Project for £500k, your total costs will be £400k.

And most importantly, your profit will be £100k.

All you have to do is; 

1. Find a project

2. Follow this checklist 

3. If it makes your a minimum of 20% profit market 

4. Buy your deal! 


This checklist is designed to ensure your planned project financials stack up – make sure you think of every eventuality! 

Let’s start you from how we started’

End Value 

Purchase Price 

Deal Costs 

How to Make Money with Buy to Sell


Your markup for a Buy to Sell Project is a 20% mark up on all costs. So for example if your total costs are £300k, you add 20% and ensure you have a project you can sell at £360k. That means you will get £60k profit. 


“The mentoring year was really helpful; it sped up my development and progress enormously. During the year I did two buy to Sell Projects – one vanilla and one with a loft conversion and I made £140k on the first two projects that year.” Jethro East. 

Download this checklist and take the next steps to start making your lumps of cash!