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The good property company How to Figure what price to Offer Check List

Worried about overpaying for a property? 

Want to get the right deal to make money? 

Create instant equity? 


One of the core skills in property is Sourcing Deals. And to know you got a good ‘un, you need to know exactly HOW to figure out what price to offer on a Deal!


We sourced over £45 million of property, at an agreed cost of £30 million (before refurb), starting life as a kitchen table start up and ending up with a multi million portfolio. I share my experience with you so that you too can do the same!


This check is designed to help you; 

  • Establish what a property is worth now 

  • What the property is worth once done up 

  • Then gives you help on how much to offer.


The check installs the processes and systems to get good research and a sensible end value to make sure you make lumps of cash on your next property deal! 


The checklist will help find the following data; 

Properties Sold 

Properties on the Market 

Estate Agent DeskTop


Establishing Value 

Establishing Your Price for a Buy to Sell Project 


Download this Checklist today to help you figure out what price to offer 


Let’s start you exactly with how we work out how to offer on a house, with this simple checklist