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60 Day Flipping Property Academy

The good property company Flipping Property Academy

60 Day Flipping Property Academy

How to make £££ hundreds of thousands of pounds of cash profit annually!

You’ll get easy-to-follow techniques to help identify and attract your target customers, identify new deal opportunities, find your unique selling property proposition and carve out your own successful niche to easily make six figure flipping property!

One of the easiest ways to make a lot of cash profit in property is running a Flipping Property strategy

You can benefit of making serious lumps of cash in property;

  • Use it to buy more property for Buy to Let, for passive income, (my preferred spend)
  • To give yourself or your family a treat, (fancy car or holiday, anyone?!)
  • To pay off your home mortgage or
  • Leave your J.O.B. (just over broke) and live on the significant profit you can make, if you do it right!

It is a great route to making serious cash and one you could really benefit from.

Course RRP £3,495 – YOU PAY £1,196!  Easy Pay £299 and three fortnightly instalments of £299!

What is included in this Academy?

  1. Flipping Property Masterclass £1500
  2. Deal Sourcing Masterclass £1500
  3. Buy to Sell Workshop £495

PLUS GET LOADS OF OUR FREE BONUSES worth £6,563.96 – Completely FREE!

  1. Buying & Selling at Auction Masterclass £1500
  2. Property Development Masterclass £1500
  3. Joint Venture Part 1 Masterclass £1500
  4. Joint Venture Part 2 Masterclass £1500
  5. Deal Sourcing Workshop £495
  6. Buy to Sell Pack £9.99
  7. Deal Sourcing Pack £9.99
  8. Property Strategy Pack £9.99
  9. Lettings for Wealth Pack £9.99
  10. Raising Money Agreement Bundle £29


BEST PRICE OFFER – Easy Pay £299 and three fortnightly instalments of £299!

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