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The good property company Effective Lettings for Wealth Masterclass

 Download the Effective Lettings Online Course now.

Lettings is the core of Financial Freedom

Assets paying you income, monthly.

By owning and managing assets well, you achieve Financial Freedom. This is Freedom of Time and Money.

This Masterclass is here to help you:

  • understand the common-sense process of lettings
  • short cut your learning time by
  • giving you templates and processes
  • deliver exercises to ensure you are ready to run a property portfolio successfully

Why download this Online Masterclass?

As you explore Susannah’s experience, processes and systems as well as the experiences from the Live Mentoring Group Delegates, we want you to think about

  • The straightforward stages of Lettings
  • The systems you can use to manage your tenants and ensure you are compliant.
  • The clear benefit that Lettings is what brings you wealth and is great for cashflow.

Once you have got the processes straight in your head you will want to start to improve on your current lettings management to gain your Financial Freedom.

You may manage your Property Portfolio yourself, with a team, or outsource the whole process to a strong Letting Agent.

Whichever method you use, you need a clear understanding of Lettings, so you can get the best from your assets.

We want to see you succeed!

Take the tools, the learning & the knowledge from the course, start up or improve on what you already do, work hard to deliver on managing your properties and create wealth.

On top of getting over 2 days worth of filming you get….

  • CHECK IN Templates
  • CHECK OUT Templates
  • Eviction Sample Documents
  • Late Payment Processes and Templates
  • Annual Rent Increase Process
  • Compliance / Complaints Templates
  • Inspection Templates

All our Templates are designed and used to Manage Susannah’s portfolio!

Download this great Masterclass today and take the next step to financial freedom.