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The good property company Deal Sourcing Masterclass


What to learn how to source discounted property deals?

Do you want to create wealth with equity gains?

Do you want to avoid hefty sourcing fees and do it yourself?

Then this Online Deal Sourcing Masterclass will teach you the systems, processes and skills to help you source SERIOUSLY discounted property deals. Taken from Susannah Cole’s mentoring Programme with 28 video, 28 Audio files and 10 handouts. Learn in the comfort of your own home, setting your own pace and enjoying it at a time that suits you (with a cuppa).

Why learn how to source discounted property deals?

  • Create cash fast by sourcing for others (Susannah brought in £16k in deal sourcing fees, in the first 3 months of being a kitchen table start up)
  • Generate large lump sums of cash through Buy-to-Sell using discounted sourced deals.
  • Recycle your cash by buying discounted with the aim to recycle (all or most of) your cash through re-financing at market value
  • Build a profitable property portfolio so you never have to work another day in your life. Susannah only works because she enjoys it…crazy lady!
  • Buy discounted property assets fast
  • Create security for you, your family and leave a legacy by buying deals profitably
  • Build your net worth, get wealthy and
  • Remember, you make your money when you buy, and this course shows you how.

Why Online?

  • Unlimited any-time access
  • Can’t get a weekend off? No problem, you choose when you learn

What do you get? 

This course has 15+ business tools & systems including:

  • Filmed over 2 days, we’ve cut the films to make them manageable. With 28 Videos to go through, you certainly won’t miss any tips.
  • Deal Sourcing Systems
  • Off Market Leaflets
  • The Mastercalss Presentation Slides, ready for your notes
  • Our Property Viewing Recorder System
  • Examples of TGPC Deal Reports with research analysis
  • Press Articles on Deal Sourcing and
  • An Action List for you to follow to move forward with your Successful Deal Sourcing!

The knowledge you gain will boost your ability to source profitable deals, which is the basis of wealth in property. BUY THIS MASTERCLASS TODAY!