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The good property company Buying and Selling Deals at Auctions

Buy and Selling at Auction Online Masterclass 

A complete course. You don’t need any property experience to make huge profits buying or selling property at auction. I’ll show you easy (and little known) shortcuts to make money fast by taking advantage of property auctions near you

BRAND NEW:  Q&A from an Experienced Auctioneer

Are you looking for knowledge for Buying and Selling at Auction?

Wanting to make lumps sums of ££Cash?

Learn how to create instant equity!

This Buy to Sell at Auction will help you understand the processes and systems needed to make a success of this strategy!

PLUS We are giving you a Buy to Sell Project Calculator – ONLY AVAILABLE FOR MENTORING CLIENTS

As you learn about buying and selling at auction and hear about Susannah’s own experiences and the experiences of those from the mentoring group, this course will help you think about:

  • The straight forward stages of buying and selling at auction
  • The systems you can use to track your progress
  • The clear benefit to your property business that buying at auctions can bring to strengthen your financial position

What do you get?

  • 24 Videos and Audio Files
  • 7 Handouts to help you refer to them during the Masterclass

Why Online?

  • Unlimited any-time access
  • Can’t get Monday off? No problem, you choose when you learn
  • You just want to get stuck into Joint Ventures and learn everything needed to be successful.
  • You don’t need to wait for our workshop dates! Just Sign in and you’ll find everything in your download folder!

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