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The good property company Buy-to-Sell Pack

Welcome to the Buy-to-Sell pack!

The Buy to Sell Strategy is a fantastic way to make lump sums of serious cash in property. I love this strategy, and as a business, we are averaging 30 projects on the go at any one time, and enjoying every minute of making these houses beautiful, with the financial rewards that come from selling on a high ticket value item. I hope you enjoy learning this profitable strategy too!

I have (as you may guess, I like sharing knowledge!) written a pack covering the systems, procedures and knowledge we have gained in delivering a successful Buy to Sell Strategy.

In it we cover the Buy to Sell Strategy Formation, using analytical tools to consider the market place you are operating in, the development of your marketing strategy for Buy to Sell and your customer segmentation – all key stages in deciding which property projects will bring you the most success.

We then look at the 8 Stages of Buy to Sell:

  1. Build the Delivery Team
  2. Sourcing the Deal
  3. Financing the Project
  4. Understanding the true Project Costs
  5. Managing the Renovation Process
  6. Adding Value
  7. Selling
  8. Post Project Analysis.

A fab pack, that is essential if you want to deliver successful Buy to Sell Property Projects.

This is a digital download in PDF format & contains the Sample Investor Welcome Pack as an added bonus.