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One of the easiest ways to make a lot of cash profit in property is running a Flipping Property strategy.

The good property company Flipping Property MasterClass

Welcome to the Buy-to-Sell Online MasterClass!

A complete online masterclass course filmed over two days for you.

How to make £££ hundreds of thousands of pounds of cash profit annually!


You’ll get easy-to-follow techniques to help identify and attract your target customers, identify new deal opportunities, find your unique selling property proposition and carve out your own successful niche to easily make six figure flipping property!


One of the easiest ways to make a lot of cash profit in property is running a Flipping Property strategy

Flipping Property 101


You don’t need property experience to deliver high profits. I’ll show you the 7 easy (and simple to follow) stages in the Buy to Sell process to make you serious profit

Sweet Spot Pricing

Beginners can underestimate the power of even just one Buy to Sell Project a year to replace your income (and more!), make huge profits. I’ll show you how to find the perfect price point for your property to maximise sales AND profits and how to make money in every stage of the economic cycle, up and down!

Flipping Property Hacks

How to give your property unique attention-grabbing wow factor to grab your customers attention, make them want to buy your property super fast and beat your competition

Instant Market Place Analysis

One of the easiest ways to succeed is to understand the marketplace you are selling in. I’ll show you the quick and simple steps to understanding your local market, creating properties people will love to buy, making you even more money

The Buy to Sell Strategy is a fantastic way for you to make lump sums of serious cash in property

I love this strategy, and as a business, we at one time averaged 30 projects on the go. So we learnt a lot about Buy to Sell and enjoy sharing that knowledge and systems developed with you.

We enjoyed every minute of making these houses beautiful, with the financial rewards that come from selling on a high ticket value item. I hope you enjoy learning this profitable strategy too!

You can benefit of making serious lumps of cash in property;

  • Use it to buy more property for Buy to Let, for passive income, (my preferred spend)
  • To give yourself or your family a treat, (fancy car or holiday, anyone?!)
  • To pay off your home mortgage or
  • Leave your J.O.B. (just over broke) and live on the significant profit you can make, if you do it right!

It is a great route to making serious cash and one you could really benefit from.

The Online Buy to Sell MasterClass is a fantastic workshop for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

You will learn the 7 Key Stages of Buy to Sell

  1. Build the Delivery Team
  2. Sourcing the Deal
  3. Financing the Project
  4. Understanding the true Project Costs
  5. Managing the Renovation Process
  6. Adding Value
  7. Selling
  8. Post Project Analysis.

What is included in this Masterclass?

You get the Full Set of Buy to Sell Films, 15 in total, to watch step at a time, enjoying a cuppa! In addition, there are 15 audios to download, for you to use when you are on the move, in the car, going for a run, at the gym and absorbing the information you need to succeed.

In addition we give you a the important handouts to download for you to carryout your market research, as well as the Master Class slides to make notes with.

You are guided by a downloadable Overview, which takes you step by step through the Buy to Sell MasterClass, keeping life simple!

Download the Buy to Sell MasterClass now, to get going, towards making serious lump sums of cash in property.

Good luck! Susie