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The good property company Business Planning Pack

Do you need help writing a business plan?

Then our business planning pack can help you….

A great resource for you, for when you ‘begin at the beginning’.

The Business Planning Pack is divided into three sections: Plan, Do & Review.

Each section has key tools to help you deliver that section of your business plan.

In Plan, we have the initial analytical tools. This internal analysis helps set a path, identify gaps that require filling and understand the marketing strategy for the business.

In Do, we look at the Business Plan itself, how to measure the delivery, how to ensure an efficient delivery through an Operational Manual and how to ensure that along the journey, you do not run out of cash despite working on profitable projects – an entrepreneur’s biggest risk!

Finally, in Review, we look at how to measure both activity and income achieved against the plan, and how to use that data to continue to improve your property strategy.

A great Property Pack to help you succeed in your Property Business.

This is a digital download in PDF format.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

"Susannah is a great mentor and motivator. Highly recommeneded!"

Dorothy Atkins

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