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The good property company Our Best Sellers: 3 Pack Bundle

What do you get in this Bundle?

  • Fundraising Pack (RRP £48),
  • Deal Sourcing Pack (RRP £48),
  • Buy-to-Sell Pack (RRP £48),
  • Cashflow Spreadsheet (RRP £24),
  • Sourcing Offer System – the System we use daily (RRP £24) and,
  • Sourcing Postcard – the leaflet we use ourselves (RRP £24).

The SOS System, Sourcing Postcard and Cashflow Spreadsheet are only normally available to our Mentoring clients.

Get all of these fantastic Systems and Packs for £120 – a saving of £96!

These are digital downloads in PDF, Word & Excel format. The Fundraising Pack contains the Sample Investor Welcome Pack, Sample Loan Agreement, Sample Joint Venture Agreement and the Sample Fundraising Brochure & Flyer as added bonuses.

"Susannah is without a doubt the most inspirational person I have ever met. A true success in everything she attempts, this is down to nothing other than hard work and determination. After knowing Susannah for 18 months I have been amazed at her expertise and as a result I would by a property from her on just a text message!"

Josh Knecht

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