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The good property company Beginner’s Guide to Joint Ventures

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Course designed to turn any beginner or intermediate into a professional property investor.

2 Online Courses + tonnes of legal documents to get you professionalised!

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What do you get in this Bundle?


  • Joint Venture Overview & Structure Masterclass  (RRP £750),
  • Joint Venture Pitching & Paperwork Masterclass  (RRP £750),
  • Fundraising Pack (RRP £48),
  • Sample Joint Venture Agreement (RRP £29),
  • Sample Loan Agreement (RRP £29),
  • Sample Investor Welcome Pack (RRP £29),
  • Sample Fundraising Brochure & Flyer (RRP £29)

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What do you get in the Joint Venture Overview & Structure Masterclass? 


The start of understanding of to structure a joint venture, with 10 Videos, 10 Audio files and loads of handouts. The course covers the following topics;

  • Joint Ventures Process: 1-7 Stages
  • JV Structure – How to structure your deals
  • Investor Management
  • JV Pitching – Learn how to attached the right investor!
  • PS 13/3 – be complaint and protect yourself and the investor.
  • Business Planning Tasks – The course will help you create a fundraising strategy!

What do you get in the Joint Venture Pitching & Paperwork Masterclass? 


We focus on the subjects that are key to ensure you develop the skills, techniques and tools, which will allow you to successfully Joint Venture. We cover the following topics; 

  • Joint Ventures Real Case Studies
  • JV Pitching
  • Fundraising Plan
  • Joint Venture Paperwork & Compliance

What is our Sample Joint Venture Agreement? 


Susannah has created a comprehensive sample legal Joint Venture agreement that spells out the terms and conditions of both parties.

This cost over £1,000 to develop, and we are very happy to be able to share it with you to help you on your very own property journey.

What is our Sample Loan Agreement? 


Susannah started out starting with raising £600k in 6 months and later moving on to raising £millions, Susannah has worked with her commercial solicitors to create a comprehensive legal agreement that spells out the terms and conditions of both parties.

What is our sample Investor Welcome Pack?


Our sample Investor Welcome Pack is here to help your investors understand and complete the simple processes necessary to make investing in your deals easy. By doing so, it means that when the right deal comes along, they can concentrate on evaluations and securing the deal, comfortable in the knowledge that all the necessary paperwork has already been completed by you and they have understood the timescales. Given speed in an important factor in securing property opportunities this is of real importance.

What is our Sample Fundraising Brochure & Flyer?


Susannah was able to jump out of her J.O.B. by raising £600k in 6 months, giving her the ability to buy her first £1.8million of property…

These are the sample fundraising brochure & flyer that raised that £600k.

If you are launching a fundraising campaign, you will need a professional brochure & flyer to stand out from the crowd – so use these as a basis for your own fundraising brochure & flyer.

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