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  • Buy to Sell Projects Masterclass (RRP £750)
  • Buying and Selling at Auction Masterclass (RRP £750)
  • Buy to Sell Pack (RRP £48)
  • Sample Loan Agreement (RRP £29)
  • Sample Joint Venture Agreement (RRP £29)
  • 101 Lessons Audio (RRP £12)

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1.Buy to Sell Projects Masterclass (RRP £750) 

The Buy to Sell Strategy is a fantastic way for you to make lump sums of serious cash in property. This programme is taken from Susannah Cole’s mentoring programme, full of valuable property information. Perfect your strategy, grow your knowledge and make lumps sum of cash!

2. Buying and Selling at Auction (RRP £750) 

This Buy to Sell at Auction will help you understand the processes and systems needed to make a success of this strategy! As you learn about buying and selling at auction and hear about Susannah’s own experiences and the experiences of those from the mentoring group, this course will help you think about:

  • The straight forward stages of buying and selling at auction
  • The systems you can use to track your progress
  • The clear benefit to your property business that buying at auctions can bring to strengthen your financial position

3. Buy to Sell Pack (RRP £48) 

A fab pack, that is essential if you want to deliver successful Buy to Sell Property Projects. n it we cover the Buy to Sell Strategy Formation, using analytical tools to consider the market place you are operating in, the development of your marketing strategy for Buy to Sell and your customer segmentation – all key stages in deciding which property projects will bring you the most success.

4. Sample Loan Agreement (RRP £29) 

Through her experience of running many successful Fundraising Campaigns, starting with raising £600k in 6 months and later moving on to raising £millions, Susannah has worked with her commercial solicitors to create a comprehensive legal agreement that spells out the terms and conditions of both parties, it cost her £££ thousands!

5. Sample Joint Venture Agreement (RRP £29) 

Running over 200 Joint Venture Deals and working with her commercial solicitors, Susannah has created a comprehensive sample legal Joint Venture agreement that spells out the terms and conditions of both parties.

This cost over £3,000 to develop, and we are very happy to be able to share it with you to help you on your very own property journey.

6. 101 Audio Lessons (RRP £12) 

Listen to Susannah herself, talking you through the 101 Lessons Pack, while you’re on the move, in the car, at the gym or even while cooking your dinner!

This fantastic audiobook is packed full of the knowledge and experience that Susannah and the Team have learnt from their first 100 deals.

A jam-packed 2 hours of audio, full of little property tips & information to help you succeed on your property journey. A MUST download!


Get all of the above for just £99! SAVING YOU £1519!

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