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Yes, Susannah! I want to replace my J.O.B. (just over broke) with property, earn a SIX-FIGURE income and become Financially Free, without making expensive and risky newbie mistakes!

Please enrol me on the Property Investor Academy. This gives me instant and full access to all of the following:

Members-Only Fast Track Training Portal – all the tools and resources you need PLUS ‘how to’ videos explaining each step clearly. You can watch and study these wherever and whenever you want, taking you through the property investment process in easy-to-follow stages.

Training Includes;

Deal Sourcing Masterclass – A complete course on how to get a constant stream of profitable property projects. You’ll get easy-to-follow techniques to help source discounted property to make money.

  • 4 simple routes to discounted deals – This deal sourcing formula gives you a super simple approach to sourcing discounted deals and makes the whole process a breeze. It means you can break down deal sourcing into manageable bite-sized chunks
  • Super Productivity Deal Sourcing Templates & Systems – These will make sure you keep motivated, on track and start finding profitable property deals fast, I’ll send you in-depth videos, swipes and templates that you can use to source discounted deals now.
  • Deal Analysis & Reporting 101 – you don’t need any property experience to analyse your discounted deals successfully. I’ll show you easy (and simple) methods to crunch the numbers
  • Real Life Money Making Case Studies – one of the simplest ways to develop your skills in property: making property deal figures easy to understand. I’ll walk you through the figures

Property Business Strategy Masterclass – A complete course to develop your profitable property strategy. I’ll show you how to find the perfect property strategy for you, to maximise cash profits and deliver millionaire strategies to build your own property portfolio

  • Outsourcing – Simple ways to create ops manuals. Everything is explained in jargon-free steps that even the most inexperienced can follow with confidence
  • The Three Stage Business Plan – This formula gives you a super simple proven approach to creating your property business strategy: Plan, Do, Review. It makes the whole process easy for you
  • Targets you’ll love to succeed at – New property people often underestimate how much profit they can make in property and how quickly you can get to Financial Freedom. I give you user-friendly templates, systems and strategies that deliver professional results.

Buy to Sell Workshop – A complete course and one of the easiest ways to make a lot of cash profit in property is running a Flipping Property strategy.

  • Flipping Property 101 – you don’t need property experience to deliver high profits. I’ll show you the 7 easy (and simple to follow) stages in the Buy to Sell process to make you serious profit
  • Sweet Spot Pricing – Beginners can underestimate the power of even just one Buy to Sell Project a year to replace your income (and more!), make huge profits. I’ll show you how to find the perfect price point for your property to maximise sales AND profits and how to make money in every stage of the economic cycle, up and down!
  • Flipping Property Hacks – How to give your property unique attention-grabbing wow factor to grab your customers attention, make them want to buy your property super fast and beat your competition
  • Instant Market Place Analysis – One of the easiest ways to succeed is to understand the marketplace you are selling in. I’ll show you the quick and simple steps to understanding your local market, creating properties people will love to buy, making you even more money

PLUS! You’ll Also Get Access to These Great Resources

Millionaire Property Portfolio System Checklists

You’ll get details of the processes and systems I use when creating my own eight figure property portfolio and EXACTLY how to use them….Eight pre-designed and ready-to-use property checklists will save you precious time and money (change image to ?)

The 101 Property Lessons E-Book

This will help you to quickly understand the key lessons in each important area of property investing…and how to avoid expensive rookie mistakes that could cost you …now you can instantly check each section to ensure you are on track for success, using the knowledge, tips and how to’s

Join the Beginner Guide to Property Academy Today and Claim £6,067.99 Worth of FREE BONUSES!

Done-For-You Template Bundle: Ready-to-Use Pre-Designed Templates Including:

BONUS #1: Deal Packaging Agency Agreement Bundle – Tried and tested Deal Sourcer and Packaging Agreement, created by my legal team, tried and tested by sourcing over 200 deals. Use it to protect you as you make fast five figure sums packaging property onto investors within a matter of weeks. Plus a membership fee t’s and c’s to bring in thousands in cash (£1k per investor) from Day One! PLUS Joint Ventures allow you to benefit from 50% of the profit without investing a penny of your own money! Created by my legal team, tried and tested by running a ton of Joint Venture Projects… for every Joint Venture you plan to do, no need to worry what an agreement looks like. (Value: £29)

BONUS #2: Raising Money Agreement Bundle – Working with private investors means you don’t get stopped before you start if you don’t have enough money to get started yourself. Created by my legal team, tried and tested by raising £millions using this template… Again no need to worry what an agreement looks like, I got you covered with this template! (Value: £29)

BONUS #3: Property Business Strategy Pack – No more procrastination! Here’s a proven property business planning pack that lets you create your property strategy fast!. No need for experience, just follow the simple systems step by step, to create your professional property strategy.
(Value: £9.99)

Ready for you Complete Online Courses Including :

BONUS #4: Lettings Masterclass for Wealth – A complete course on how to get and manage a constant stream of eager tenants, ready, willing and able to pay you rent. Packed full of how to’s, templates and simple systems, saving you time and money. HMO (shared houses) can allow you to earn over £1,000 per month per property. How many do you need to be Financially Free? (Value: £1500)

BONUS #5: Property Auction Masterclass – A complete course. You don’t need any property experience to make huge profits buying or selling property at auction. I’ll show you easy (and little known) shortcuts to make money fast by taking advantage of property auctions near you. (Value: £1500)
Change image to auction masterclass on all three machines

SPECIAL BONUS #6: Flipping Property Masterclass – A complete bonus course filmed over two days for you. How to make £hundreds of thousands of pounds of cash profit annually! You’ll get easy-to-follow techniques to help identify and attract your target customers, identify new deal opportunities, find your unique selling property proposition and carve out your own successful niche to easily make six figure flipping property! (Value: £1500)

FAST ACTION BONUS #7: Raising Private Finance Masterclass! – Start your risk-free trial today and you can get my in depth and simple to follow Raising Private Finance to make sure you are not stopped by lack of funds. A complete course, with proven action plan to accelerate your property success and break out of the day job. (Value: £1500)

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