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The good property company Become a Deal Packager Online Workshop

You can earn a lot of money, fast, with deal packaging …. Make £5k to £30k per deal

You get paid when the property exchanges, which can be a matter of weeks. By charging a reasonable fee, 5% of property purchase, you can rapidly hit six figure income per annum.

5% of an agreed purchase price of £300k, is £15k! Try doing that weekly!

What is the Deal Packaging Online Workshop? 

BRAND NEW – Deal Packaging Online Workshop

This workshop will teach you how to property source and deal package.

Learn how you could sell property deals to your network of property investors!

This workshop will help you deal source, package your deals and help you make a hugely profitable sourcing business.

Start your property sourcing journey here with The Good Property Company. The company have sourced, bought, sold or let out more than 200 properties, with a value of £45 million, and an agreed purchase price of £30 million. That’s a MASSIVE £15 Million in equity! (before refurb)

We did this from a Kitchen Table Start Up, with a phone and a laptop.

You can too!

This Online workshop will help you turn your deals into cash and help you make lumps of cash for cashflow.

You will learn;

  • How to Package the deals for investors
  • How & where to find JV Partners & investors who will buy your deals.
  • Get the systems and process required to find great deals!
  • How to assess deals
  • How to source deals
  • How to monetise deal
  • How to Sell Deals to investors with none of your own money involved

This strategy is great for cashflow – you could earn upwards of £5k – £30k per deal.

The great thing about deal packaging is you don’t need a fortune to get started, just great training, determination and consistent action is certain to bring you financial rewards.

Join Susannah Cole who has sourced over 200 deals in the 5 years of running a sourcing company.

Now it’s your turn!

Who is this workshop for?

  • New and experienced investors, looking to run this HIGH CASH generating strategy.
  • This workshop is for those looking make lumps of cash!
  • Systemise your processes to grow your knowledge, experience and wealth!
  • Pick up knowledge on the do’s and don’t! Know your area so you don’t make any mistakes.
  • Understand how to speed up the process, to make faster money

Why Property?

  • Property is a wealth making business, when done correctly.
  • Property can very quickly make a millionaire out of you.
  • Making mistakes can have the opposite effect – you need to know how to get this right!
  • Use property to replace your income and Jump out of that J.O.B. (Just over broke)
  • Worried about your Pension – I have found property to be a fantastic solution!