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The good property company 3 Online Workshop Bundle

What do you get in this Bundle?


  • Deal Sourcing Online Workshop (RRP £495),
  • Raising Private Finance Online Workshop (RRP £495),
  • Buy-to-Sell Online Workshop (RRP £495),

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What do you get in the Deal Sourcing Online Workshop? 

This course has 15+ business tools & systems including:

  • Almost 4 hours of live video
  • Deal Sourcing Systems
  • Off Market Leaflets
  • The Workshop’s Presentation Slides, ready for your notes
  • Our Property Viewing Recorder System
  • Examples of TGPC Deal Reports with research analysis
  • Press Articles on Deal Sourcing and
  • An Action List for you to follow to move forward with your Successful Deal Sourcing!

What do you get in the Raising Private Finance Online Workshop?


We focus on the subjects that are key to ensure you develop the skills, techniques and tools, which will allow you to successfully raise private funds. We cover the following topics; 

  • S.M.A.R.T Fundraising Objectives 
  • Investor Types & Screening
  • Proving Credibility
  • Pitching 
  • Investor Process 
  • Deal Presentation 
  • Communication & Systems 
  • Investors to Avoid 
  • Joint Venture Paperwork
  • 13/3 TGPC Process 
  • Investor Profiles and those that you MUST veto 
  • Three Key Deal metrics 
  • Elevator Pitching 
  • Presenting the worst case scenario

Great for getting the funds needed propel your property business! 


What do you get in the Buy to Sell Online Workshop?

You will learn the 7 Key Stages of Buy to Sell

  1. Build the Delivery Team
  2. Sourcing the Deal
  3. Financing the Project
  4. Understanding the true Project Costs
  5. Managing the Renovation Process
  6. Adding Value
  7. Selling
  8. Post Project Analysis.

Systemise the great strategy to make lumps of cash!

Why Online?

  • Unlimited any-time access
  • Can’t get Monday off? No problem, you choose when you learn
  • You don’t need to wait for our workshop dates! Just Sign in and you’ll find everything in your download folder!

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