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Wealth in Property

Learn how to Source, Develop, Sell and Let out Property

The Good Property Company is a team of hard working, experienced property people who buy investment property profitably.

We love property and can talk / do it all day long!

When we started Susannah did not have all the funds to buy every house she and the team could source, so she opened a Sourcing Business, with the clear goal of running it for only 5 years. Now, either she or TGPC the company buys every deal we source either as a Buy to Sell or a Buy to Let. So our Sourced Deals are no longer available to you guys, but we can still help you succeed in property!

If you would like Susie to teach you how to source, and succeed in property, consider the Mentoring Programme.

We deliver fab property workshops, and have 6 planned for this year, to help you develop your knowledge.

Sourcing Business Resources for You

We have made our sample Sourcing Agreement available to you guys, in our Property Resource Shop.  If you want to follow the same route, earning money through sourcing fees to help you buy the next property yourself, this is a great resource to use as a basis of your own agreement.

We have also put our Investor Welcome Pack in the Property Resource Shop, again for you to use as a basis of your own work.

Kitchen Table Start Up

We started as a kitchen table start up, and in the space if just over 5 years, sourced over 200 deals in Bristol, with an end value of £45 million and a purchase price of £30 million (before refurb).

Sourcing Business

We ran a sourcing business for 5 years, sourcing quality properties in the South West, with significant equity gains built into the negotiated purchase price. This area is associated with high rents, strong occupancy levels and significantly higher capital growth than that found in the North of the UK.

Bristol is an excellent location to invest in, with the second highest GDP in the country after London. The city has a strong, diverse, affluent and stable local economy, with engineering, media, insurance, manufacturing and a strong services sector.

The diverse nature of the economic activity means that the city has a strong economic base. Bristol is well insulated from economic shocks and is the beneficiary of the London ‘brain drain’, large numbers of well qualified professionals moving from London as they seek a better quality of life, bring with them savings and equity with which to buy Bristol property.

Bristol is a growing city in population numbers, with 2 large Universities, numerous colleges and a large renting professional sector. The rental sector commands good prices and we find filling properties is fast; keeping voids low to non-existent and rents and yields for quality properties high.

Sourcing investment property in Bristol is tough, given the affluence in the city, but we manage it through good relationships, business systems and lots and lots of hard work!

In fact we only sourced properties that we would invest in, which was our ultimate guide in deciding which properties we were happy to put our name to.

Deal Sourcing Resources for You

We have got a bunch of great property education resourced for you, to help you develop your skills in property sourcing.

Starting with the Deal Sourcing Pack,  which has been put together to help you develop your skills, processes and understanding of different routes to sourcing discounted deals.

Then we have the Online Deal Sourcing Workshop, is delivered to your inbox. Learn in the comfort of your own home, setting your own pace and enjoying it at a time that suits you (with a cuppa).

We created these resources to share our knowledge, experience and systems, so that you can also benefit from being skilled at Deal Sourcing, which is the basis of developing up a wealthy property portfolio.

In addition, we have some great press articles on Deal Sourcing too

Good luck!

"Susannah Cole's Business & Publications has inspired us to go into business! Had a fab time at a Buy-to-Sell workshop and gained so many tips. Thank you! "

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