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TGPC Deal 68

Deal 68 Uphill Road

Sold first weekend of viewings…(however, our Investor partner liked it so much he kept it to rent out, having proved it’s value). A recently converted two bedroom maisonette set amongst a row of well-preserved Victorian terraced properties in a quiet location with easy city centre and also motorway access.

In a great location, this flat needed some tender care! We replaced the scary staircase with a more solid one, and gave the flat a refurb all over, with the minimum of cost.

Once dressed, the flat sold on the first day of viewing! Susannah was on holiday in Rome with her daughter, and got the call to say it had sold whilst visiting the Vatican museum.

A nice Saturday surprise. Worth an Italian ice cream!

This was a Joint Venture Project, and in the end, our Investor had shown his family the property, who all suggested he keep the flat as it was so lovely.

So, an almost sale, whereby we agreed that the value had been shown by the offer, and the profit share was established, and our Investor happily kept the property to increase in value.

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