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TGPC Deal 164 & TGPC Deal 165

Deals 164 & 165 Southville Flats

This was one of those Joint Ventures that was thoroughly enjoyable to deliver.

The investor we worked with was a super guy, easy to work with, highly organised, decent and saw his role as a partner, working along side TGPC.

Working with JV partners, it is really important for long term relationships that they are great to work with, and have the stomach to navigate the speedbumps that property can at times bring.

The flats were bought as a pair for £300k, split as £130k and £170k. TGPC refurbished the flats, and put them back out to sell on the open market, with a great estate agent.

We were delighted that they both sold well, and fast. We sold them individually for £245k and £186k, which made a combined sale price of £431,000.

Not bad for a refurb cost for the pair of £14,300 plus VAT. (£17,160).

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