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TGPC Deal 156

Deal 156 Shelley Close

Shelley Close was a great Buy to Sell project. We bought it from an estate agent, and did a classic refurb, with a reasonably low cost; £18,700. It is in an upcoming area of Bristol, St Georges, which has benefited from becoming more desirable as folks chose to buy in this area, so we knew this would be a great property to sell, given the location.

We renovated using our scaleable design board, so that the spec for the refurb was similar to may of our other Buy to Sell projects. This keeps the end product easy to understand for our builders. Despite knowing what we like, we always check in with the local agents on what is needed in the particular area, as they always know their market within a 1/4 mile range better than we do.

On this one, a small bump, we negotiated a small discount as the buyer wanted some alterations to the garage; it was simpler and more cost effective to offer a small end discount than do the work ourselves and delay the sale.

Frustrating perhaps, but you need to be flexible and open minded to the end outcome and work with your buyer to achieve the speediest sale that is most effective for you.

The end result was a great project, that created solid profit.

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