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TGPC Deal 67

Deal 67 Osborne Road

A beautiful and highly profitable shared house set amongst a row of Victorian terraced properties in a city centre location in Bristol, only 5 minutes walk from the city centre.

This was originally nicknamed the “Smelly Dog House” as there had been 9 dogs kept in the house. The roof was falling in and there was a lot of damp.

We did a great refurbishment (including replacing the floorboards) and turned it into a beautiful top-end shared house, including 5 bedrooms, for working professionals.

Most of the rooms have their own private ensuite bathroom, which makes it a great place to live.

Susannah likes to paint her personal houses blue and this is one of those beauties – keeping it in line with the rest of the pretty street.

This property we released as a deal in our 10 page report, with 45 pieces of individual evidence into the house value. We estimated the end value at £285,000. A combination of house prices rising sharply in Southville and TGPC’s natural conservative internal valuing meant we were pretty pleased when the RICs surveyor valued it at £330,000.

The Property is now valued at £450,000.


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