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TGPC Deal 191

Deal 191 Gatton Road

This was a sourced deal sold to a great investor, who got a highly profitable result.

We are super pleased for him.

We sourced it for our investor to buy at a purchase price of £222,000, and after the usual research analysis, identified a conservative value of £295,000 once done up in our Deal Report.

In fact the project was done as a Buy to Sell, the refurb and other costs were £32,405 (inc utilities), selling costs were £4,161 and the price achieved was £312,101.

Profit for our investor was £36,215.

A great result!

This despite hippies moving in (and we mean actually moving in) to the street to live in their vans on the road at the last minute, which affected the end sale price slightly.

Well, this is Bristol and tolerance is all part of Bristol’s DNA.

Deal Sourcing

An important part of deal sourcing is doing the research on valuation.

Research is highly important, and making sure you have enough numbers to put into the evaluation to get the best result from your research.

That means that often it makes sense to have anything up to 20 Properties Already Sold (Solds), up to 20 Properties on the Market or Sold Subject to Contract (SStC), and up to 5 estate agent desk top opinions.

With a decent number of valuations of past, present and expert opinion, you are less likely to be off the mark, unless the market moves.

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