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TGPC Deal 174

Deal 174 British Road

This was a sourced deal we sourced for one of our lovely investors. We have worked with her for quite a while, and she is a joy to work with – it has been fun watching her develop, and we celebrated her growth, high fiving her from our office.

We sourced this deal at a purchase price of £180k, with our Deal Report showing a conservative A 1 Market Value of £250k. When we published our A1 value, what we meant was ‘after refurb, nothing fancy, white walls, beige carpets’ so that we did not push out expectations, and give bling to our valuations, when property is always a bit of a risky business. We have found that we prefer to be conservative in our valuations, and also give our research as part of the deal reports, in the spirit of openness. That way, when we ran our Sourcing Business, our Investors could see where we derived the estimated value from, and they could also do further due diligence on the report and value.

We were chuffed to bit when our Investor (who did the refurb, so we do not have those figures) actually sold the property for £280k, which was a full £30k over and above our property valuation of £250k. This was from a purchase price of £180.

We were delighted we had been part of her generating wealth for herself and her family.

We ran the sourcing business for 5 years (all part of the plan) but no longer offer deals to outside investors, as we now buy all the deals we source inside the business. (again all part of the plan!). So if you want to go the route of packaging sourced deals for others, whilst developing your own portfolio, as we did, we have some good resources for you in our Shop.

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