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3 for the price of 1! Property Investment help for you!

13th Jul 2016

3 for the price of 1! Property Investment help for you!

Lessons 024, 025 & 026 – 101 Lessons


Have a separate phone purely for property lettings!

It allows you to compartmentalise your property business, and know that the caller is calling you about your property lettings.

Go and view a number of properties for rent!

Understand the tenant search experience as well as getting an insight into the standard of investment properties out there. (from the learning on our first 100 property deals, and actually one I hardly ever do anymore, so I need to follow my own property lessons learnt and advice on this one!)

Auctions are always fun!

I bought property investment deals at auction a few years ago, just love buying property deals at auction, before, during and after. I like slowing down the auctioneer to smaller incremental money jumps, so that the ‘battle’ still happens, but it doesn’t cost either myself or the other buyer so much money. If you want to know more check out the discounted deal sourcing pack.

How can working with a group of like minded people help you the way it has helped Adrianna? Watch the video to find out her thoughts.


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