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‘Shoulda put a ring on it’ Property Investor…

22nd Jun 2016

‘Shoulda put a ring on it’ Property Investor…

Lesson 021 – 101 Lessons

The ‘Can’t Commit’ is an even more frustrating private investor type.

They have the funds available, have expressed serious interest in working with you, perhaps almost committed to a property deal to the point you think that they are in.


..when it comes down to it, they cannot commit, cannot take the leap of faith, even though they know it is a good deal.

This type of Property Investor is frustrating to work with, as they waste your time and more importantly, you can see that through being unable to commit, they waste valuable opportunities for themselves, to develop their own property wealth.

The best way to deal with these private investors…

……is to screen them out by instigating a ‘pay barrier’ which forces those who are willing to commit to stand up and be counted. This is one reason Sourcing Companies require a reservation fee to be paid to secure a deal – it allows those prepared to commit to self identify.


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