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Avoid the Prima Donna Investor Type….

15th Jun 2016

Avoid the Prima Donna Investor Type....

Lesson 020 – 101 Lessons

This is good for your property wealth!

OK, these 3 lessons I learnt, lessons 19, 20 and 21, were hard lessons to learn. Painful, to be frank. But very valuable lessons, and ones that I’d love you to bypass by taking the advice to heart, so you don’t need to experience the difficulty in learning them first hand.

The ‘Prima donna’…

…will want you to work specifically to their needs, not be happy that you are working with others, and will not take your needs into account in the relationship.

The Wiki definition says it well

‘the term has spread to contemporary usage to refer to anyone behaving in a demanding or temperamental fashion’.

Essentially, the tail will be wagging the dog if you get into this type of Investor relationship, it will be a one way street and will likely end in tears. Best to look out early for signs of Prima donna behaviour in your would be investors and gracefully sidestep developing the relationship further.

If you recognise that you are currently working with a Prima donna….

I suggest you work to incubate a number of replacement Investor relationships, and bring those to the fore. It is likely your Prima donna will give you some gip (good Scottish term) as you terminate that relationship, but do it ethically and above board, and ignore the ‘noise’.

You are improving your property business relationships, and the longer term goal is more important. (and the enjoyment of what you do)

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