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Tough lessons on working with Private Investors

14th Jun 2016

Tough lessons on working with Private Investors

Lesson 019 – 101 Lessons

OK, the next 3 lessons I learnt, lessons 19, 20 and 21, were hard lessons to learn. Painful, to be frank. But very valuable lessons, and ones that I’d love you to bypass by taking this advice to heart, so you don’t need to experience the difficulty in learning them first hand.

Navigate this one with grace.

Be prepared to turn down the option of working with certain types of Investors, as you will gain no benefit, only heartache and hassle.

The two types of Investor to avoid are the ‘Prima donna’ and the ‘Can’t Commit’.

You want Financial Freedom (time and money freedom, ie choice) not to have a job for another person! Step aside, with grace…

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