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What would your mum say if she knew?

30th Mar 2016

What would your mum say if she knew?

Lesson 011 – 101 Lessons


Property Investing is often about the balance in relationships…

…Are you getting it right at the moment, or are you (whisper it, so your mum can’t hear!) wanting it all one-way – yours? If so, epic fail! (Sorry to be so blunt)

Find out how you can help your Estate Agent.

It may be by being the easiest buyer they have had, but it may be by helping them with stuff outside of property, get to know them as people.

If you only want to buy one property, then a transactional approach is appropriate. But buying one investment property is unlikely to give you the financial freedom you may want. So it is likely you need to use a relationship approach for your property investing work, so start as you mean to carry on!

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