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How to Source Seriously Discounted Deals – Create instant equity!

Event Date: 01/06/2019

Event Time: 10:00 - 17:00

Event Location: Bristol

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Want to learn how to create wealth through sourcing discounted property deals or property deals with profit?

We have sourced over £15 million in property equity in less than 5 years (before refurb).


Why learn how to source discounted property deals?

  • Create cash fast by sourcing for others (Susannah brought in £16k in deal sourcing fees, in the first 3 months of being a kitchen table start up)
  • Generate large lump sums of cash through Buy-to-Sell using discounted sourced deals
  • Recycle your cash by buying discounted with the aim to recycle (all or most of) your cash through re-financing at market value
  • Build a profitable property portfolio so you never have to work another day in your life. Susannah only works because she enjoys it…crazy lady!
  • Buy discounted property assets fast
  • Create security for you, your family and leave a legacy by buying deals profitably
  • Build your net worth, get wealthy and
  • Remember, you make your money when you buy, and this course shows you how.

Gain from TGPC’s experience of sourcing over 200 deals since 2011, to create wealth…

Having run a company sourcing, bought, sold or let out property at a purchase price of £30 million (before refurb) and a value of £45 million, since 2011, I have created a How to Source Seriously Discounted Property Deals Workshop for you, with the processes we used, skills we learned and the different routes to sourcing deals.

The knowledge you gain will boost your ability to source profitable deals, which is the basis of wealth in property.

A typical example; Bought a property for £203k in Bristol which was revalued after 6 months for £330k PLUS… makes over £1,000 per month net profit! Find out how you can do it!

It 2018 Workshops has been put together to help you develop your skills, processes and understanding of different routes to sourcing discounted deals.

In my experience, there is more money out there chasing good deals, than deals in supply! 

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What do folks say about working with us?

“I was made to feel really welcome by Susannah and her team, this made me feel quite comfortable in the event. The passion throughout the day was evident and the openness of Susannah and her team made them very approachable.”
– Simon Nicholas
“Not only is the content excellent and informative but Susie’s enthusiasm and energy is infectious and her success inspiring. Her continued encouragement to dig deeper and push deals further has had a particularly big impact on me.”
– Sara Nasrella
Susie generously shares knowledge and experiences (good and not so!) candidly, in a relaxed, fun environment. The added bonus is the friendships and networking with the wonderfully diverse group of genuinely good property folk.
Kathy Philips, Bristol

For more information call the office on 0117 942 8914

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"Today I went to Susanna's Deal Sourcing event. Completely worth the price. I got so much value you from this day and there was no upselling at all which is much better than other seminar events I've been to by other companies. Susanna takes a direct approach and tailors advice to the individual, theres no spoon feeding. The seminar is there to teach and educate so she makes you think and relate the advice to your own situation.
Would highly suggest to anyone looking for an approach to property in a smart methodical approach.
Thanks Susie!"

Theodore Ramwell

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