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Serviced Accommodation for High Income: 2 Day Workshop!

Event Date: 12/10/2019

Event Time: Weekend

Event Location: Bristol

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Earn £££ Thousands per month with Serviced Accommodation

£££ Triple the rent of a normal single let – and you can outsource the work!

Want HIgh Income, Tripling your Rent?

Want to Succeed at Earning £££ with Serviced Accommodation?

Join Susannah for a whole weekend and learn the key aspects of Serviced Accommodation to ensure you don’t miss a trick. This weekend covers all aspects running a serviced accommodation. We teach you the processes involved, client management and making a stressful demanding industry systemised and logical. Triple you income and learn how to outsource to allow others to deliver the work for you.

Who is this for?

  • Folks who want to raise their game
  • Folks looking for high revenue from property
  • Folks wanting to know the reality within this high earning strategy
  • Folks looking to build a property portfolio, using high income from Serviced Accomodation to do so
  • Folks looking to outsource the work and retain the income!
  • Folks looking to replace the day job income with a small number of Serviced Lets

Why Property?

  • Property is a wealth making business, when done correctly.
  • Property can very quickly make a millionaire out of you.
  • Making mistakes can have the opposit effect – you need to know how to get this right!
  • Use property to replace your income and Jump out of that J.O.B. (Just over broke)
  • Worried about your Pension – I have found property to be a fantastic solution!

What Is Susannah’s Experience – that can help me?

Susannah’s workshops are designed to support your development and help you work towards your objectives whilst working with an experienced property investor on all aspects of your property business. This is done with a flexible and entrepreneurial approach and attitude.

Susannah is a well established property investor who has run a successful flipping (Buy to Sell) strategy for over 5 years. She also owns a substantial HMO, single let and Serviced Accomodation property portfolio and she is now looking to give back and help others, in the form of her mentoring programme and workshops.

  • She runs The Good Property Company, and has
  • Sourced over £45 million in property at an
  • Agreed Purchase Price of £30 million (before refurb)
  • Did hundreds of property deals in less than 5 years, and
  • Has been in business for over a decade
  • She raised £600k to kick off her property journey and
  • Raised £££millions since in Private Finance
  • Says it straight – clear, honest straight forward education about the highs and lows in property, to help you
  • Mentored hundreds of mentees, with great financial success for them
  • Runs the most poopular UK Property YouTube channel – with a thousand free property videos

What does the Serviced Weekend cover?

  • how to optimize bookings and cash flow
  • How to triple your income with 1 hour a day through outsourcing and management
  • Ensure you are legally compliant
  • Create good design for high occupancy rates
  •  know your markets for the best customers
  • create systemisation so you won’t get swamped with marketing and admin
  • Secure the right property in the right location
  • Understanding the markets: Holiday Makers Vs Contractors
  • Channel Managers
  • Outsourcing the work to providers, whilst you sleep!
  • Setting up systems and processes
  • How to dress your property

Book now to raise your game, learn a shed load from one of the UK’s foremost property educators, who is walks the walk, packs the weekend full of information and gives you a stack load of educational knowledge so you can leave and kick off or improve your own Serviced Accommodation Business.

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"Susannah and her crew were very helpful and always has time for you. I've been to a couple of workshops but I definitely felt at home with this one. The beginning of a beautiful friendship....oh & portfolio whoop whoop!!!"

Nikey Sinclair

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