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Property Renovation, Development & Planning Flagship Education

Event Date: 06/06/2020

Event Time: Weekend

Event Location: Bristol

Property Development is a great way to make lumps of cash! Whether that it is through New Builds, Large Refurbs and planning gain – Find out how to do?

Join Susannah for a whole weekend and learn the key aspects of Property Development to ensure you . This weekend covers all the safety requires on site. We teach you CDM and look at CIS so when you are renovating and building properties you can do it to industry standard and most of all keep it SAFE!

Who is this for?

Those of you considering mentoring with Susannah and are looking to experience first hand what the mentoring programme involves.

Get all the necessary CDM documents and CIS detail to ensure to comply with legislation!

Why Property?

Property is a wealth making business, when done correctly. Susannah’s mentoring programme is designed to support your development and help you work towards your objectives whilst working with an experienced property investor on all aspects of your property business. This is done with a flexible and entrepreneurial approach and attitude. Susannah is a well established property investor who has run a successful flipping (Buy to Sell) strategy for over 10 years. She also owns a substantial HMO and single let property portfolio and she is now looking to give back and help others, in the form of her mentoring programme and workshops.

What does the Property Development Weekend cover?

  • A step by step guide to renovating property
  • How to run a safe and compliant site
  • An overview of the regulations you need to comply with, in layman’s terms.
  • We give you handouts that share our CDM systems and how we check our sites are safe
  • A focus on your builders and tradesman being registered with the appropriate governing bodies.
  • How to check your builders and tradesmen are registered with the appropriate governing bodies
  • Planning Gain – How to do it and make INSANE Profit!

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