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Property Renovation, Development & Planning Flagship Education

Event Date: 06/06/2020

Event Time: Weekend

Event Location: Bristol

Property Development is a great way to earn HUGE lumps of cash! 

Book now if you want to:


  • Learn how to work with builders, avoid being ripped off, and run successful projects to make money in property
  • Make huge money from planning or renovation
  • Make £100k profit without building anything
  • Understand how one strategy can make £1,000,000 cash in one year, through JV planning gain. 
  • Understand the opportunities presented by new builds
  • Take old knackered fixer uppers, bought discounted, and renovate them to a high standard and create huge equity gain of £50k, £75k, £100k per house
  • Understand how refurbishment can increase your capital gain and cash flow, understanding the renovation required to convert house to HMO resulting in over £1,000 per month profit per HMO for the rest of your life!
  • Utilise planning gain to make insane profits. One delegate has a GDV (Gross Development Value) of £2.4 million on a £440k purchase! 
















Look what our delegates have achieved!

£81k increase in value due to a £20k refurb

“Since coming on the mentoring course I have had the confidence to buy my first deal, a two bed semi detached house for £278,250 and turned it in two months for £360,000, with a refurbishment cost of £20k” – Peter Walters

£100k Planning Gain

£100k Planning Gain Profit – Chris Jones

£135k profit on commercial to residential development

Made £135,000 profit on a commercial to residential development- Anthony Davies

Who will benefit

Whether you are new to Property or want to grow your property business this Property Renovation weekend will enable you to utilise renovation, development and planning to maximise your profits. 

“I’ve been investing in property for 9 years but I’ve learnt huge amounts on Susannah’s mentoring course… Highly recommended to anyone – whether you’re starting out or a seasoned investor.” – Louise Hedley

Why you need to attend!

Understand the step by step process to renovating property profitably

  • Learn the refurbishment stages 1 – 13 of renovating a property from scratch
  • Simple straightforward guidance on how to run a successful property renovation from start to finish. You leave ready to employ and project manage builders, with correct contracts, understanding of the right stages and the essential paperwork needed to succeed. 
  • Make £30k to £50k to £100k renovating property successfully
  • Expert tips to ensure you never overpay for a renovation again
  • Understand the difference (and cost, thus saving a fortune) between Buy to Let Renovation and  Buy to Sell renovations
  • This workshop ensures you understand how to contract with builders to make sure you do not get ripped off
  • The best way to build an established refurb team – how to locate great builders and how to assess them to ensure they are compliant and insured
  • Know how to project manage and who to appoint to get the job done, legally and safely

How to run a safe and compliant site (and avoid major fines and even JAIL!)

  • Avoid fines and jail! This high quality in depth workshop covers little taught (but totally legal and needed) CDM and CIS that others do not teach you, to keep you safe and compliant
  • Receive £6,500 of CDM compliance documents – these cost Susannah £6,500 and she willingly shares them with you so you can be compliant from day one
  • Learn the renovation safely, even as a beginner:  An overview of the regulations you need to comply with, in layman’s terms, plus the Health and Safety full file, consultancy cost £6,500 as a FREE bonus to this weekend workshop
  • Understand how to employ A lister builders: how to check your builders and tradesmen are registered with the appropriate governing bodies
  • Avoid more fines! Building Regulations: All the knowledge you need to ensure you never fall foul of official Building Regulations – understand the simple steps to become fully compliant
  • CIS – appreciate the importance of this requirement which is often overlooked. CIS non compliance can result in fines up to £38k – attending this workshop will allow you to put in place the processes you need to be compliant
  • Health and Safety: do not risk jail, fines and injury to yourself or others. Understand your obligations and the formal paperwork you need to keep you safe and covered.

Planning Gain

  • How to do it and make INSANE Profit!
  • Make £100k without building a thing. Planning gain is a major cash generating strategy. 
  • £135k cash profit from office to residential: understand the processes to generate six figure strategies with one building
  • Make £75k plus from spare gardens, and scale this up to a major cash generating strategy. You outsource the work to professionals, and reap the financial rewards!

Learn a simple small cash investment process to make a million, cash, in one year!

    • Making money out of an unwanted garden
    • How you can easily make a million in cash in a year from an investment of £30-£40k in total 
    • Don’t have that £30k to invest – You can raise finance to do it and we can show you how to

Be with Like Minded People Making It happen in Property!


Be inspired by past attendees who were where you are today and have gone on to  succeed in raising private finance to fund their property business and become financially free.


Enjoy fab food and amazing cake (TGPC welcome is super friendly)

“Learnt a lot and consumed a lot of cake, both of which we highly recommend doing with TGPC.”Darren Cadby-Lynch


Go home ready to move forward, knowing what your next steps are, with clarity excitement and motivation, ready to make a difference to your life

“The weekend was amazing. I found that I came home filled with excitement and energy to move forward” Aditi Kapur


Change your life.

“I handed in my notice at work so I can commit to my future in property. I replaced my income with the revenue from my properties” – Tyna Collins

Huge Takeaway from the Workshop!

You will be given a custom made course workbook and folder to work through the deep level content. These contain all of the slides, our real life workshop case studies, important exercises and reflective evaluations to help you analyse your strategies and speed up your success. Keep all of your documents in one place ready for you to review again post workshop to keep you on the path to success. 


Learn from one of the UK’s most successful self made property investors

Susannah has been running The Good Property Company for over 10 years. With determination and the right knowledge Susannah believes anyone can make millions from property. It is possible to succeed even with very little money starting out. 

It only took Susannah 3 ½ years to become a property millionaire. 

In her first 3 months as a deal packager she made £12k as a kitchen table start up with a phone, a kettle and computer. Susannah went on to source, buy or let out more than 200 properties with a value of £45million sourced for only £30million (before refurb). 

She then invested her capital to develop her multi million pound portfolio consisting of HMO’s, single lets and serviced accommodation. 

Her major Youtube property channel has over 1 million views and Susannah is recently featured on podcasts and in the press.

Real Life Case Studies

Somerset Street: Gross Profit £250,000!

Purchase Price £500,000, Refurb cost (incl VAT) £250,000, End Value £1m – Removed floors, replaced roof, new windows, new wiring, new heating, Grade 2 Conservation external render and internal lime plaster. Added a conservatory and an Underground bathroom.

Dunkerry Road: Gross Profit £35,000!

Purchase Price £118,000, Refurb Cost £12,000, Sold £165,000. TGPC Sourced Deal and Sold price valued at £155,000

Bedminster Road: Gross Profit £60,000!

Purchase Price £220,000, Refurb Cost £60,000, End value £340,000 – House bought with planning to turn into 2 flats

Challender Avenue: Gross Profit £34,360!

Purchase Price £112,000, Refurb Cost £23,640, End Value £170,000 – opened up the kitchen and dining room which was a stud wall. Renovated property, put in a new boiler and rewired the house. 

What do our delegates say about us?


Sped up my development and progress enormously

“Really helpful; it sped up my development and progress enormously. I did two buy to Sell Projects – one vanilla and one with a loft conversion and I made £140k on the first two projects that year” – Jethro East


The Best Property Training! 

“Ultimately the best property training I have received! Susannah and her team deliver constant eye opening content and proven strategies that work. First class lunch and hospitality too. Definitely six stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!” – Jason Lavene 


Clear, concise and detailed
“I can’t recommend highly enough… After researching and being involved with many companies giving property education, The Good Property Company’s mentoring is second to none! Clear, concise and very, very detailed. It’s exactly what you need when starting out. I can now (if I choose) retire at 30! All thanks to Susannah… How can I possibly put a price on that!” – Josh Knecht


Gained the knowledge and confidence to start my first development deal

“I would highly recommend the TGPC Mentoring Course, as it provides in-depth knowledge of all areas of property investing and delivers a very strong network and peer environment. Within the first three months of progress, I have gained knowledge and confidence to start my first development deal – which is currently underway” – Kevin Ducksbury

This could be you!

Motivation and confidence to buy a property for refurb and sell

“Since joining the TGPC course, I have gained the motivation and confidence to take action and buy a property for refurb and sell. I bought for £46k, and with a £5k refurbishment I expect to sell for £65k”. – Sue Hillman


Plan to develop Commercial property

£400k Commercial Property Bought with Private Finance, Plan to develop End Value £2.2 million GDV – Arthur Dallimer


£2.5million Property Portfolio

Property Portfolio £2.5 million, Rental Income £200k per annum, £750k Buy to Sell Projects – Colin McNulty


Raised over £1million

Raised over £1million with Susannah’s loan documents, over a period of 3 years – Craig Upkins


Your Next Step?


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