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Property Development, Technology and Life Hacks – 2 Day Workshop!

Event Date: 06/04/2019

Event Time: Weekend

Event Location: Bristol


Standard Ticket £2,250. NOW £900!

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Build your property portfolio with the right business technology?

Create systems and use technology to make everything automated!

Join TGPC’s for one weekend and see what it is like to be mentored by Susannah Cole.

The right technology and systems will really help with keeping track and managing your property portfolio. Whether it’s house viewings, estate agent management or monitoring your cash flow the right systems will help you grow your business with ease. Join Susannah for a whole weekend focusing on your business technology and how to develop your portfolio effectively.

Who is this for?

Those of you considering mentoring with Susannah and are looking to experience first hand what the mentoring programme involves. You can join Susannah’s mentoring group for one weekend, learn loads from Susie’s years of experience and mix with the fellow mentees. If you love the weekend (which we are sure you will!) your ticket cost will be refunded from your initial mentoring fee. You can’t really lose out.

Why Property?

Property is a wealth making business, when done correctly. Susannah’s mentoring programme is designed to support your development and help you work towards your objectives whilst working with an experienced property investor on all aspects of your property business. This is done with a flexible and entrepreneurial approach and attitude. Susannah is a well established property investor who has run a successful flipping (Buy to Sell) strategy for over 5 years. She also owns a substantial HMO and single let property portfolio and she enjoys giving back and help others, in the form of her mentoring programme and workshops.

What does the Property Business Technology, Property Portfolio Development Weekend cover?

  1. An overview of technology savvy strategies
  2. Two great presentations from two of our most tech savvy mentees.
  3. A great explanation of how technology can revolutionise your day to day asset management.

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"This was an interesting and exciting day. I really learnt much more than I thought I would. There was real enthusiasm in the delivery of the teaching, both academically and in the interactive discussions. I really wanted more time to put forward ideas and ask questions at the end because the day had inspired so many new ideas and possibilities."

DM Browne

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