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Property Auctions: Insider Knowledge Flagship Education

Event Date: 16/05/2020

Event Time: Weekend

Event Location: Bristol

Auctions: Learn to Earn Big Cash from Buy and Selling 

Auctions are a great place to buy discounted properties!


This weekend workshop will show you how to take full advantage of the only sales channel selling discounted properties: Auctions!

This weekend workshop will demystify the auction process, burst the urban myths, equip you with the processes and systems to make great money buying and selling at auction. 

Book now if you want to: 

  • Understand, copy & deliver the simple steps of buying at auction to get great discounted deals
  • Gain inside knowledge live training from a real-life Auctioneer: real deal teaching! 
  • Learn how to sell your property and get paid super-fast
  • Demystify the fear of bidding at auction and really understand the professional and intelligent processes to allow you to make the most of property auctions
  • Understand funding auction purchases, know what to do and more importantly what not to do, to reduce your risk
  • Learn the three methods of buying from auctions, including a little known method used by successful property investors to get a real advantage
  • Speed up your success and change your life – Susannah was a proven millionaire within 3 and a half years of starting in property

How much can you earn in property? 

Look at what our delegates have achieved!


Gross Profit of £50k – £70k Estimated

“Completed deal today at 3pm. £235k purchase price, £45k refurb, £330 – £350 once done – was valued by a professional surveyor. Sourced pre-auction. The auction module taught me a lot. Happy I  bought at pre auction as the properties in the auction went for silly money!” – Simon and Tracy Hales

Profit £35k Chaching!

“My latest project figures: Purchase price: £203,000, Refurb: £32,000, Valuation: £275,000, Profit: £35,000 – ”Chaching” ! – Emily Choo

£78,300 from one single buy to sell

“£78,300 Profit from a single Buy to Sell Project!” – Ann-Marie Littler

One deal = £134k profit. Using Investor Funds!

“Investor put in the money. 50/50 split. £134k profit in one deal.” – Simon Yuen

Who is this workshop for?

Both beginner investors and more experienced investors who want to deepen their knowledge in how to source and sell at Auction will benefit from this intelligent in-depth weekend workshop. 

This workshop is run by experienced and knowledgeable expert: Susannah Cole, with guest presentations from experienced investors working in auctions. Whether you are new to Property or want to gain an insider’s knowledge of how to get the most from property auctions this Property Auctions weekend will enable you to succeed in finding the best deals available.

Why it will benefit you HUGELY to attend!

  • Simple: Learn to make money buying and selling at auction!
  • Learn the key stages of buying at Auction, pre, during and post
  • Understand the legal aspect of Auctions and what your best steps are to ensure you are covered
  • Come away knowing HOW to fund your Auction Purchases, with a clear understanding of the role of mortgages, bridging and investors and simple steps for each
  • Know what to do to refurbish your Auction Purchase, how to work with builders to not get ripped off!
  • Gain knowledge on the critical elements for Property Deal Evaluation to get a great deal
  • Auction bidding: Hear from the experts on how to bid and when to stop!
  • Critical information you need when selling at auction
  • Key tips for success
  • Inside knowledge from an auctioneer
  • Be inspired by past attendees who were where you are today and have gone on to succeed in property and become financially free
  • Learn from one of the UK’s most successful self-made property investors
  • Enjoy the fab food and amazing cake (TGPC welcome is super friendly)

“Learnt a lot and consumed a lot of cake, both of which we highly recommend doing with TGPC.”- Darren Cadby-Lynch

  • Go home ready to move forward, knowing what your next steps are, with clarity excitement and motivation, ready to make a difference to your life

“The weekend was amazing. I found that I came home filled with excitement and energy to move forward” – Aditi Kapur

  • Change your life.

I handed in my notice at work so I can commit to my future in property. I replaced my income with the revenue from my properties – Tyna Collins

How much can you earn? 


Auction Real Life Case Studies

£45k profit

Pembroke Road Pre Auction – JV none of my own money. 

Purchase Price £175k, Renovation £20k, Sold £240k

£140k Equity

Berry Lane Bought Post Auction

Purchase Price £265,000, End Value (RICs) £405,000 No refurb!

£1,030 Rental income per month

Challender Avenue – Pre Auction

Nice Steady Earner

Purchase Price £117k, Renovation £20k

Then RICs £170k, Now RICs £240k

Rental £1,030 

Single Let, people stay for years

Gross Profit (before Refurb) £97,000!

Chelsea Road 

Brilliant Uplift 

Purchase Price £168k, RICs £265k

The Opportunity to experience our Flagship Face to Face Mentoring Programme 

If you are interested in joining our flagship face-face mentoring programme this is an ideal way to meet fellow mentees and experience our mentoring firsthand. On each mentoring weekend we have a small amount of “Try before you buy” spaces which allow you to come along and meet our mentoring group who are a fab group of  like-minded property investors who support each other, keep each other accountable and work together through Joint Ventures, Buying and Selling Discounted Property Deals.

“Bought a property £127k, refurb planned £27k, end value £190k, doing it as a JV with another mentee” – Alison Brooks

High Calibre People who will encourage and understand!

“The last but possibly most valuable part of the program are the other mentees. The calibre of people in the class is high, each with their own expertise and skill set. Being able to draw on their knowledge and support is incredibly useful. Susie and the mentees make for such a strong and rich network to have at your fingertips. Obviously, it’s great to call them friends too!” – Sara Nasralla 

What do our delegates say about us?

The first of many visits

“The first of many visits here, certainly for the next year. We attended a taster weekend in Bristol, coming away thoroughly impressed with Susannah, all staff, peers and of course the actual course content. Delivered with levels of energy and enthusiasm that are contagious and inspiring in equal measures, the whole experience further cemented our decision to promptly return to Leicester and join the one year face-to-face mentoring course. For us TGPC is the ‘right fit’ for who we are, where we are and where we want to go in terms of business development”.– Darren Cadby-Lynch

Easy to understand presentations and discussions

“ I Joined Susannah Cole’s TGPC Property Entrepreneur’s programme cannot rate it highly  enough. The well structured course is delivered over a series of monthly weekend seminars allowing you to deep dive into all the subject matter without being rushed on to the next topic. Information is shared via easy to understand presentations and discussions with no get rich gimmicks or up selling  to other courses or add on services. One of the biggest benefits is the group of motivated and inspiring trainees. They bring a vast range of experience, knowledge, background and strategies but everyone is supportive and keen to share information and help each other.” – Andy Norman

Jam Packed with relatable information

“We’ve just got back from what is our 3rd mentoring weekend and our brains are buzzing! Jam packed with relate-able information. Susannah and her team are outstanding and the quality of people in the room is quite extraordinary – 40 people, all at different stages of their property journey and all with so much respect and support for each other. I can learn from each and every one of them and it feels as though I have a giant net beneath me shouting “jump and I’ll catch you” its a wonderful space, I can highly recommend it!!” – Ben and Angie Nicholls

Your Next Step?


Book your place now. 


If you’re looking to succeed in property auctions and are ready to find the best property deals, no matter your level of experience, come and join us for a weekend of learning, camaraderie and cake!

There are very limited places for this weekend workshop, and we tend to SELL OUT early. 

The Boost, The Confidence and Knowledge to buy property! 

“In the first year of mentoring with Susannah I bought two properties. In my second year of mentoring with Susannah I am really going to go full time into property. The course gives me a boost, the confidence and knowledge to buy property, pack up all the information and go with it” – Chennai Banda

Bought my first BTS, raised private finance and about to complete on 2 more properties!

“A year on and I have moved from wanting to be a property investor from my home in Spain to moving to Liverpool and buying my first BTS property at auction, refurbing it and pulling all my money out , Raising private finance and now just about to complete the purchase of 2 more properties I sourced from an estate agent. Your support and advice along the way was amazing, Thank you” – Eiran Samuels

This could be you! 

Book on now to follow in their footsteps. Click on the link to secure your place on the workshop. 

We look forward to meeting you

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