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How to Buy to Sell in Property and Make Serious Cash: London Workshop

Event Date: 09/12/2017

Event Time: 10:00 - 17:00

Event Location: London


The ONLY Buy to Sell Workshop TPGC is holding this year! Book your ticket now.

Buy to Sell in Property is a great strategy for producing lump sums of cash.


The Buy to Sell Strategy is a fantastic way to make lump sums of serious cash in property. I love this strategy, and as a business, we have had great success in Buy to Sell projectsand have enjoyed every minute of making these houses beautiful, with the financial rewards that come from selling on a high ticket value item. I hope you enjoy learning this profitable strategy too!

I have (as you may guess, I like sharing knowledge!) created a great workshop covering the systems, procedures and knowledge we have gained in delivering a successful Buy to Sell Strategy.

In it we cover the Buy to Sell Strategy Formation, using analytical tools to consider the market place you are operating in, the development of your marketing strategy for Buy to Sell and your customer segmentation – all key stages in deciding which property projects will bring you the most success.

We then look at the 8 Stages of Buy to Sell:

Build the Delivery Team

Sourcing the Deal

Financing the Project

Understanding the true Project Costs

Managing the Renovation Process

Adding Value


Post Project Analysis.

Join Susannah Cole on this workshop to learn the key steps in running a successful Buy to Sell Strategy. You will learn how to analyse the market place, your customers, the key elements of marketing your property to ensure you achieve the highest price possible, the fastest turn around with the most secure sale you can aim for. 

You learn the key stages of Buy to Sell, from deal sourcing, building your critical team to deliver your successful Buy to Sell strategy, developing a property product you customers want to buy, ensuring your sales does not ‘fall out of bed’, marketing the property correctly, and analysising the project finance, identifying key methods of funding the property and how to financially always have a Plan B. (aka seatbelt!)

This is the only Buy to Sell Workshop TGPC is running this year, so book your ticket now!

Susannah is highly respected, and known for her knowledge of Buy to Sell Property Strategy and delivery, this is a must attend workshop. 

Each workshop will only take place once this year.



What do folks say about working with us?

What I enjoyed was the authentic learning experience – there was no selling, no pushing (unless you ask for it!) and no time-wasting, just good, genuine like-minded people who are up for sharing the ups and downs of their property journey and passion for self-development.- Gill Caleary
Susie generously shares knowledge and experiences (good and not so!) candidly, in a relaxed, fun environment. The added bonus is the friendships and networking with the wonderfully diverse group of genuinely good property folk. – Kathy Philips
The quality content of the course was delivered in a slick and polished format, and Susie’s enthusiasm for property and people shined through – Colin McNaulty

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"Not only is the content excellent and informative but Susie’s enthusiasm and energy is infectious and her success inspiring. Her continued encouragement to dig deeper and push deals further has had a particularly big impact on me. "

Sara Nasrella


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  • How to Buy to Sell in Property and Make Serious Cash: London Workshop



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