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Deal Sourcing Property Masterclass

Event Date: 07/11/2020

Event Time: Weekend

Event Location: Bristol

Learn how to buy smart and get the 2% whole sale properties!

Are you looking to source discounted property deals?

To make wealth from property you need to find discounted deals in the first place. Knowing where to find these deals will set you apart within a buzzing property market. TGPC has sourced over £15 million in property equity in less than 5 years (before refurb). Susannah will spend the weekend developing your skills, processes and understanding of different routes to sourcing discounted deals.

In our experience, there is more money out there chasing good deals, than deals in supply! This weekend is packed full of education on how to find these deals and build your property wealth.

We will also teach you – how to property source and deal package.

  • Make £5k to £30k per deal (We pretty much did a deal a week for almost 5 years – you do the maths!)
  • Build an income from sourcing property deals and then selling them to investors for a lump sum finders fee
  • Replace your income, and more
  • Leave your day job behind with this great strategy
  • Use the funds to buy property for yourself (as I did)
  • To become Financially Free
  • We typically sold pretty much every deal within 30 seconds of release to our Investor Network – you can too.

Who is this for?

Those of you considering mentoring with Susannah and are looking to experience first hand what the mentoring programme involves. For a one off price you can join Susannah’s mentoring group for one weekend, learn loads from Susie’s years of experience and mix with the fellow mentees. If you love the weekend (which we are sure you will!) your ticket cost will be refunded from your initial mentoring fee, you can’t really lose out.

Why Property?

Property is a wealth making business, when done correctly. Susannah’s mentoring programme is designed to support your development and help you work towards your objectives whilst working with an experienced property investor on all aspects of your property business. This is done with a flexible and entrepreneurial approach and attitude.

Susannah is a well established property investor who has run a successful flipping (Buy to Sell) strategy for over 5 years. She also owns a substantial HMO and single let property portfolio and she is now looking to give back and help others, in the form of her mentoring programme and workshops.

What does the Sourcing Discounted Deals Masterclass cover?

    • Creating wealth through sourcing deals
    • An in depth look at sourcing off Market, Direct to Vendor and from Auction
    • How to make the most of viewing and the importance of speed between viewing and offering
    • How to create a great estate agent list and getting yourself recognised as a Serious Investor
    • A look at our systems and how we manage our deal sourcing and offers
    • An in depth look at the conveyancing process.

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